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A brand-new suit

Allyn Harvey

Steve Sewell, the top guy on Aspen Mountain, said there’s still plenty of soft snow around the mountain, just so long as you choose the right aspect.

Walsh’s, on the northeast edge of Ajax, is case in point. Sewell said his favorite section, unfortunately, faces east, exposing it to the morning sun. By the time Sewell got to the run late in the afternoon, the sun-exposed snow had hardened back up. But things softened up once he found his way to the more north-facing sections of slope.

On the Hill wants to quote this upper-middle-management type as saying, “It was sweet.” But without his notes, it’s impossible to say if that’s how Sewell actually said it.

Sewell and local Trish Adam were reportedly among a large contingent of Aspenites who convened last Friday at Bonnie’s restaurant to present Alec Biel, 70, of Mill Valley, Calif., with a new ski suit.

As the story goes, Biel has been spending his winters in Aspen since 1983, earning semilocal status and spending as many days as possible out on the hill. Adam and Co. reportedly presented Biel with a new ski suit. Apparently, they think he loves the one he owns a little too much.

“We are all surprising him with a new ski suit as a loving joke because he insists on wearing the same suit every day and since we all see him under the gondola on the Face of Biel, we want a little better suit to look at!” wrote Adam in a note to Aspen Times’ columnist Mary Esbaugh Hayes.

Biel probably deserves the suit simply because he’s skiing Bell Mountain in his 70s.

Biel and everyone else who hits the slopes today or tomorrow can probably expect the same sunny skies and soft snow they experienced on Presidents Day. By Thursday, a storm is expected to roll in, providing, hopefully, the next big dump of the season.

As of Monday, Snowmass had a 69-inch base on top; Aspen Highlands was reporting 65 inches on top; Aspen Mountain had a respectable 51-inch base and Buttermilk had 44.


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