A boundary that’s not flexible

Dear Editor:The vision and courage of the Basalt Town Council in upholding the Basalt Master Plan and urban growth boundary merits strong praise and admiration. There is no such thing as a “flexible urban growth boundary.” A flexible urban growth boundary is the same as no growth boundary. Every time a boundary “flexes” it creates a new property that’s just outside the boundary.Is there enough demand for affordable housing to pave our valley wall to wall? You bet! Do we want to do that to ourselves, our community and our legacy? I don’t! Instead, let’s put affordable housing inside the growth boundary. There is ample opportunity to do that.The Basalt Urban Growth Boundary provides a clear and objective tool for reviewing development applications. If a development is in the boundary, it might be approved. If it’s outside, it won’t be approved.Congratulations to the Basalt Town Council for leadership in the face of dissent. Keep up the good work.David BellackBasalt