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A bomber of a women’s telemark binding

Kayden Christensen
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

Ignorance is bliss, or at least that’s what I thought just a couple of months ago. I was perfectly happy with my old Roxy G3 telemark bindings ” until I tried out the Bombshell by 22 Designs. Man, had I been missing out!

This is my third season on teles and I’m obsessed with mastering moguls. I’m still a work-in-progress, but I will throw myself into just about anything the mountain has to offer. I still tend to lose control in the middle of mogul runs, and either face-plant or stop to regroup. With another year’s experience and the help of this new binding, however, I’m making faster turns and staying in control longer. The larger toe box on the Bombshell allows for more lateral stiffness, which saves energy. And that means I’m enjoying this year’s POW longer.

The people at 22 designs put a lot of thought into this women’s binding.

According to 22 Designs, the Bombshell, sister to the Hammerhead, has a shorter cable and adjustment coils, a narrower and shorter heel tube, narrower cable spreader, and 20 percent softer spring for snappier turns. In other words, this binding is chick-ripper-specific.

The five cable-guide positions are a cool addition. They allow the skier to adjust the binding based on personal preference. After some advice from an experienced tele friend, I decided to use different settings for when I throw on my skins and climb uphill or peel off the skins to ski back down. Instead of a grueling must-do to keep in shape, skinning is actually fun now, because the adjustment reduces resistance on the spring and allows me to take longer steps.

There is one thing to keep in mind, before you run out and buy this amazing binding. If you want to mount the Bombshell to your K2s, think again. I had to buy a fit-kit for my Schi Devils, which cost about $60. It made my skis a little heavy, and I think the large piece of metal is kind of ugly. I’m willing to deal with it this season because I wasn’t planning to get new skis anyway, and $60 is better than $600. Next year, however, I won’t be buying K2s for my Bombshells.


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