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A blot on Aspen?

Dear Editor:

There is a high probability that functionaries of the town of Aspen, who brought the “Sister Cities” arrangement with Bariloche, might have an interest in blurring the issue and dragging it out until forgotten.

We cannot evade the severe issue we face; no room here for legalistic maneuvering concerning what was said behind closed doors.

Only cowards, trying to cover up, hide behind anonymity and closed doors.

The matter concerns the whole community. The town of Aspen formally promoted the “sisterhood” with Bariloche along 3 1/2 years, in the name of Aspen, using public funds, traveling numerous times to Bariloche.

It is to be expected that some people that had a part in, and benefited from it, might try to justify and cover themselves.

Here would be the difference in between statesmanship (as manifested by Mayor Helen admitting to making mistakes in this case), and petty politicking by self-serving people.

Those who brought the “Sister Cities” agreement with Bariloche, which provided safe haven to Nazis and their collaborators, aimed at a target (by itself positive), but shot wide of the mark, and in order to cover up for their blunder, might now draw a circle around their hit and claim the bull’s eye.

If Aspen’s problem with Bariloche will not come to a conclusion without dragging and prevarication, in a clear and unequivocal way, open to the public, the matter will be a blot on Aspen’s history.

The issue we face is of a choice in between human values, ethics and morality (in the spirit of the Aspen Institute, Albert Schweitzer, Mortimer Adler, W. Paepcke and their friends), and the petty politics of self-serving interests.

In scrutiny, here is the soul of Aspen.

Nahum Amiran


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