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A blind eye to the sex scandal

Dear Editor:OK, the Pope has said that the only “way to get to heaven is via the Catholic Church.”It appears to me that if you want to be a sexual pervert with the blessings of the Holy Father, one must become a Catholic priest.It is to me strange that while the Pope said the only way to get to heaven is being Catholic, at the same time he has not said any thing about the sexual abuse settlements that now face and have faced the Catholic Church.This week the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has announced a $600 million dollar settlement for sexual abuse. Another Archdiocese announced a settlement of $100 million in 2004. Another $84 million in 2003 by another Archdiocese.The archdioceses of Tucson, Ariz., Spokane, Wash., Portland, Ore., Davenport, Iowa, and San Diego have sought protection under the bankruptcy laws of the USA because of sexual abuse claims.Perhaps it is time for the Catholic Church to allow priest to marry.Harry Temple IIIBasalt

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