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A blight on Snowmass

Dear Editor:The situation at Krabloonik Kennels is unconscionable and needs to be addressed immediately. These dogs are being inhumanely treated. Many are in desperate need of veterinary care. There is nowhere near enough staff to properly see to the needs of roughly 260 sled dogs.The condition of this kennel is a blight on Snowmass. Perhaps, the time has come for national news coverage of this. I am sure that radical animal rights groups would love to descend upon your town and demonstrate.Please do all in your legal, moral and ethical power to correct this injustice against these animals that cannot speak for themselves. Included is a video on the squalor these dogs are forced to live in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3036B3SY2Rw&fmt=6.Yes, I am from out of town but I am seriously concerned about this issue. Until it is resolved, me and my family will not visit Snowmass and we will do our best to convince relatives to do the same. I plan to keep abreast of this issue and hopefully await a positive outcome.Margaret WingerterOregon, OH

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