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A blight in Glory Hole

Dear Editor:

I have been living across the street from Glory Hole Park this whole summer. Glory Hole Park is a beautiful park where people walk, and children and dogs play. And every minute of every day, the same homeless people sit. They are a blight and a nuisance.

I have called the police, but they advise me there is nothing they can do unless these people are caught sleeping or drinking. Evidently, the city has no loitering ordinance.

I think it is disgusting that in a city like Aspen, homeless people are permitted to loiter in public parks all day. I thing it is time the city adopt an appropriate ordinance that would eliminate these people.

On a similar note, I read that some agency has bought a car for those people to live in. Only in Aspen would a charitable institution buy a car for a homeless couple to live in, who are basically drunks, who have no valid drivers licenses, trashed their former car by running it off the road when they were drunk, and evidently have no ability to pay for gas or insurance. It is wonderful that during the cold nights they will have a car to sleep in so they can continue loitering in the park all day. Nonsense ” these people should be run out of town!

Eric A. Simon

Boca Raton, Fla.