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A blessing in disguise?

On Sept. 10, Jim Lehrer interviewed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Late in the interview, wherein the Secretary manifested continued optimism and self-assurance, Lehrer asked how the Secretary felt about 9/11, two years later.

Rumsfeld responded that maybe 9/11 was a “blessing in disguise”! A blessing in disguise? Can you imagine how that statement must have been heard by family members of victims of the Twin Towers catastrophe or by parents of kids who died or were wounded in Iraq?

What an incredible arrogant attitude. What a tragic, aggressive message. Just like some punk high school kid who is looking for any excuse to punch someone, anyone in the nose, the Secretary seemed to be looking for or needing an excuse go to to war. And he got it; and he did. A “blessing in disguise!”

What he and his whole administration seem to be telling us is that we Americans are asleep. We don’t realize how dangerous the world is out there.

And further, that we have to do something about it. Weapons of mass destruction or not, Saddam or not, America has got to act and shape up that dangerous, threatening rest of the world. We have to make the world like us. And so 9/11 was a “blessing in disguise.” Wow!

When questioned further about the terrorists who are coming into Iraq, crossing the borders of Jordan, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Rumsfeld said there was not much we could do about those porous borders.

More troops would not help much. He went on to compare the problem with Iraq’s border with our own porous border with Mexico, claiming there is not much we can do there, either.

In other words, so much for homeland security!

Such crossed messages, along with exposes of predetermined agendas, are further signs of an administration out of control.

John McBride


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