Tweet All About It: A bit of snow to get the season started |

Tweet All About It: A bit of snow to get the season started

Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday’s page A2.


“A childhood friend has just completed this amazing challenge for a cause that will touch us all at some point in our lives. Well Done theo!! Click here to support #Cycling From #Aspen to #Santa Monica for Aspen Hope organized by #TheoWilliams” — @KScothorne

““Our vision for this facility is to provide greater access to our renowned physicians practicing the latest, evidence-based treatments, which will prove to be a significant benefit to #Aspen and the surrounding communities,” said @DanDrawbaugh” — @SteadmanClinic

#aspen  i am not fooling around.  I am the self appointed park ranger” — @AspenSpin

“Booked a trip to Aspen, Colorado in early December. There for 5 days- what are the best things to do?!?! #Colorado #Aspen #Travel” — @alyssa13080283

“Cold temps & a recent snowfall sure do have us daydreaming lately! Fingers crossed for the perfect conditions again this year Who’s coming with us?! #ISVERA #aspen #hockey #odr #odrheaven #bucketlist” — @ISVERA

“What everyone #skiing on this year? New skis? Boots? Anything? Is anyone else pumped for #skiseason #Aspen #AspenSnowmass #iskiedtoday” — @aspenaidan

“Another gem from Aspen, Colorado 2 months ago. It’s interesting how something can seen so long ago but not be. Excited to figure out where our next adventure takes us.#EnjoyingLifeAlways #HappyCouple #Aspen #Colorado #AspenColorado #MountainAir #ColoradoMountains #RockyMountains” — @HAPPYROBERTII

“Aspen should be renamed the People’s Republic of #Aspen. It’s always been an extreme left-wing town. But the immense wealth brought in by the billionaires who are driving the multimillionaires down valley made it, nonetheless, an appealing place to live.” — @mazzenilsson

“Lance Armstrong’s #Aspen Home Has All the Charm – And The Fridges” — @palintereest

“We got a winter storm it snowed 12 inches and took out all the power in the valley for hours #ASPEN” — @CarmenOrtega1     

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