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A bigger world view

I have been wondering what will happen to this remote valley, dependent on tourists for its survival, if and when gasoline costs reach $3 to $5 per gallon as in so many places in the world?

The only access to Aspen is incredibly expensive air flights over high mountains scaring “the daylights” out of many (Denver-to-Aspen round trip is now about $350 when it used to be $50 to $75 one way), or the auto, and commuter van.

Aspen is not easily accessible as Vail, yet we continue to have the highest ski lift ticket costs as winter tourism continues to decline. Does this make sense?

During World War II gasoline was rationed. During World War II the U.S. was not energy-dependent on the Mideast.

I think we need to keep those trolleys and begin to have a bigger world view of reality.

Gabe Lindeman

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