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A big step for compassion

Dear Editor:

A recent story is making headlines this week and offers real progress and hope for both egg consumers and non-human animal advocates around the nation.

The United Egg Producers, which represent approximately 80 percent of the nation’s 280 million egg-laying hens, have reached an agreement with the Humane Society of the United States of America, which will drastically improve the conditions for the hens. Two main elements are contained within the agreement, one that increases space and the other that ends an outmoded practice. These are positive improvements for the lives of our chickens and should be held in high regard by all parties within our society.

It is not every day that non-human animals and their welfare make it onto the public agenda of society, and I for one am truly thankful for this agreement. In the end, more humane is more humane. No matter whether we intend to consume these products or not, everyone can celebrate greater compassion towards life. Thanks.

Thompson Bishop


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