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A big return on $4.20

I am voting yes on Referendum 1A, the health and human services mill levy, because it asks so little to keep so much that is valuable in the life of our community.

Pitkin County is asking to retain $4.20 per $100,000 in residential property value. In return, the senior center will continue to provide services that keep our seniors thriving and not just alive; Community Health will ensure our physical health; and a wide variety of agencies will care for our youth, our sick, our disabled, and our families. Nonprofits provide educational opportunities and protect our environment.

On the lighter side, we can continue to ski the fast track on the Owl Creek Trail and glide serenely around the North Star Preserve.

It is especially important to remember that it is not just the money; it is the show of support. A small grant from Pitkin County demonstrates local support for these service groups, which they in turn leverage into larger grants from foundations. Quite a return on $4.20!

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and vote yes on Referendum 1A. We all deserve to keep these services.

Karma Borgquist

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