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A better way to vote

Dear Editor:I wonder whether the people of Aspen have any idea how poor and complex IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) is, as compared to the massively simpler and better system, Range Voting, and its simplified form, Approval Voting (“Are runoff results predetermined?” May 10). With Range Voting, voters score all the candidates and elect the one with the greatest average. With Approval Voting, the ballots are the same as now, except that one can vote for as many candidates as he likes. These methods are simpler, and they reduce the number of ties and spoiled ballots (whereas IRV increased the number of spoiled ballots by a factor of seven here in San Francisco), and they completely eliminate the “spoiler” effect (whereas IRV just reduces it), and they give people the ability to fearlessly cast a vote for their sincere favorite (whereas IRV strategically “forces” voters to vote for their favorite front-runner).And according the social utility efficiency yardstick, an objective measure of how good a voting method is at picking a satisfying result, Range Voting is as big of an improvement over plurality voting, as plurality is over random selection. So Range Voting doubles democracy. It also eliminates the need for runoffs (and primaries for that matter).The only thing keeping IRV going in light of these vastly superior methods is the propaganda put out by groups like FairVote.org.Clay ShentrupThe Center for Range VotingSan Francisco

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