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A better tomorrow for Aspen Community School

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Community School is the most unique place I have ever had the privilege to experience. From its general appearance to what’s going on inside, this place is outstanding. The most amazing thing, though, is the impact this school has had on so many people’s lives, and I am no exception.

The first thing that strikes me as special about this school is its huge emphasis on art and creativity. When I came to this school in second grade, I was urged to take up classical guitar. Those skills have stuck with me ever since, and now I am playing Bach in E minor on guitar. I would not have been in this position if I wasn’t encouraged every day by my very committed music teacher. I also really have blossomed from other aspects of art, and this has helped me to express myself in so many ways.

Among the many other gifts this school has given me, the most prominent is definitely my love of learning. I have ambition to discover and create things that I most likely would not have if I had gone to another school. It has helped me discover (for the moment) who I want to be (a successful chemist or science professor). Because of this, I am motivated to do my best.

I have talked about my love of creating and my love of learning, and at this school, the feeling is mutual among every student. The problem is, though, that our buildings are not big enough to house all of the brainpower inside. This school is making scientists, novelists, mathematicians, artists, activists and playwrights, and the list goes on. But most of the time, instead of channeling all of these smarts, we are stuck wishing we had a science lab or more than two tiny bathrooms, which frequently flood into the lower level. We need more functional space to let our innovative minds grow more than they already have.

This is where the “I Believe” campaign comes in. If our school is able to grow, we need the community’s help to raise money and to help make our dream a reality.

In conclusion, I believe in teaching our generation to create a better tomorrow. I believe in being able to have fun and enjoy learning. I believe in having teachers who support me in every way possible. I believe in lifelong learning. I believe that the truly educated never graduate. I believe that we will be able to build our new school. Most importantly, I believe in the Aspen Community School!

Ruby Marker

Seventh grade, Aspen Community School