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A better choice

Dear Editor:Yes, I am running for mayor. I could not vote for either the career politician nor the developer/luxury retailer, so I am bringing a better choice to the table. I may not have been on council long, but it’s long enough to know that we need a change. There are many differences between my opponents and myself, some are issue-stance based, but there are also personal differences that make me the best candidate.I would like to thank all those that support me and know about my stance on issues, as well as my accomplishments in my four years on council. To those who have asked me to run for council again, thank you as well for your heartfelt desire to keep me as your representative. The way to keep me on council is to vote for me as your next mayor!Here is a brief summary of some of the issue topics that confront our community and will be discussed in this election; I will be giving detailed proposals in the coming weeks.Aspen’s affordable housing program is a vital part of our community, and I support it 100 percent. We still need a lot of units to get to our stated goals in the AACP, which I also support. So, before we talk about raising appreciation caps we need to look to new parcels, partnerships and of course requiring development to integrate on-site housing. I do see a goal ahead, not just endless building, but we must stay on course.My environmental vision is part of what separates me from my opponents as well. We are making strides in a lot of areas. Aspen’s recycling ordinance was an idea that I pushed for, and our city staff made happen. We save a million gallons of water a year with the effluent system at the golf course. Now, I would like to see zero-net carbon building codes come forward. We must reduce PM-10 levels and make in-town air quality improvements.The Entrance … ah yes, the Highway 82 dilemma. I do not support the straight-shot, modified-direct, or “preferred alternative” for so many reasons. I think we should make improvements NOW to the existing alignment, not wait 10 years and $50 million for a highway to the heart of Aspen. Even new proposals like Michael Fuller’s “split-shot” deserve to be vetted out. I will go into detail about the flaws with the ROD during the campaign. Don’t pave paradise.Growth and construction needs to be reigned in. There are a lot of dollars on the table for developers in Aspen, but this community deserves minimized impacts from building and appropriate scale and community benefit in all projects. We need to maintain locally serving businesses and local’s housing or we face being just a shell of a real community.Now is the time for us to take the best of our past and look to make the best future. We need to build that bridge to the next generation of Aspen’s leaders and know that Aspen’s legacy will be cared for, nurtured and forwarded. I am posting much more information at http://www.TorreforMayor.com, please log on or call me directly with any questions, or to support my campaign. Say NO to power politics, say YES to politics by the people.TorreAspen

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