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A bee-friendly bank

Dear Editor:

I have to relate to you my immense appreciation for Wells Fargo bank at the Meadows Mall in Glenwood Springs.

Just prior to this past weekend, the bank was inhabited by a swarm of honeybees, and instead of dispatching them to their doom, Wells Fargo closed the branch office and called for someone to remove them. Apparently, it’s Wells Fargo’s policy not to kill honeybees and instead find a solution to remove them without damaging them.

It took a couple of days, but the bees were finally removed Saturday just before bank closing time. They are a fine swarm that will be around to produce honey for you and me for years to come. It should be noted that when a hive decides to swarm, the bees are at their most docile and are searching for a new place to live.

If any of your readers experience a swarm, please have them call me or another beekeeper to help with the bees’ removal to a safe location. Honeybees only sting when threatened but do not wish to do so because they die once they sting.

Mark Burrows


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