A beautiful hotel

Dear Editor:

We were very fortunate to have been able to stay at the new Westin Hotel in Snowmass over the weekend. We had an opportunity to get to know the individuals who worked so diligently on the transformation of the Silvertree to the Westin, and we were anticipating its opening.

The Westin lived up to all our expectations! The Westin is beautifully decorated with several amenities. The entire staff was courteous, friendly and efficient.

Additionally, we saw several familiar faces from the Silvertree and Wildwood, and we met a lot of new faces from the Philippines, Croatia, Steamboat Springs, Crested Butte and elsewhere. We did our best to experience all the Westin had to offer and were very pleased in every aspect. I feel very confident that the reputation of the Westin brand and its international reach is most certain to benefit us all and is an invaluable asset to our community. Welcome to Snowmass Village!

Steve Sklar and Teri Harrison



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