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A Basalsan owns up

Oh jeez, now I owe the entire town of Basalt an apology. You’ll know why if you read Allyn Harvey’s column of Tuesday Aug. 19. He really shellacked Basalt for poor attendance at the Nina Storey show during Basalt River Days.

It is all my fault. I invited Allyn to Basalt and then I didn’t show up. His article noted that I was caught in a rain shower and thought her show was rained out. I was really in a cold stinging deluge during a bike ride up and down the Fryingpan. I opted for a hot shower and missed the gig. I didn’t know he was so sensitive. Well, I did know he was so sensitive, but I didn’t think he’d spank the entire town. His column went on about how Basalt is “Lameville” and Carbondale is the only cool place left in the valley. It was blah, blah, something about dreadlocks and mud wrestling in Carbondale. You get the picture, right?

Anyway, it was my fault that he was there and the whole “stood up” thing and being from Carbondale he doesn’t have a cell phone and all that, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to both Allyn (the sorehead) for abandoning him and to Basalt for inviting him.

But, do you want to know what Allyn is really mad about? Basalt is heating up. It’s a great place – so we’re changing the name to Basalsa. He’s mad because he didn’t think of it first. (That and the fact there isn’t a cool new name for Carbondale.) I didn’t think up the name Basalsa either. That was Greg Shugars. Allyn called me a “town activist” but Shugars always starts everything. I’m just the loudmouth that says what he tells me to.

So there it is. I can’t think up my own stuff and I live in a lame town. But I’m not moving to Carbondale anytime soon.

Jim Paussa


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