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A bad rap for Gizmo

Dear Editor:

I understand a dog getting banned from Aspen is a newsworthy story. I would like to add a few points to the article written on Sept. 24.

I have known owner Melinda Goldrich and cared for her dog, Gizmo, for about 10 years. Gizmo is not a “bad or vicious” dog. He is a very sweet dog that has never showed vicious behavior to me, and he is in no way a “bad” dog. Any dog who is tied up has the potential to become aggressive when approached and hovered over. Dogs on leash should never receive attention without permission from their owners. If Gizmo were running free, attacking ankles, biting children and other dogs, then I could agree with him being called “vicious and bad.”

That being said, with Gizmo’s history, he should not be left unattended. Melinda admits this, and she knows she put him in a bad situation and did not listen to the judge’s orders. She is paying the price.

Lastly, I felt the article was very one-sided, as it focused on all of Melinda’s mistakes. Had the editor done any research on the other side, it should have been noted that Melinda is an incredible pet owner who takes excellent care of her dogs. She also has donated a lot of time, money and equipment to the Aspen Animal Shelter and the Aspen Animal Hospital so that other pets can receive excellent care.

I am thankful that Gizmo’s life was spared, and I know he has a wonderful home in Ruedi Shores to live out his life.

Alison K. Blare


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