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A bad idea

Dear Editor:

Preventing cars from turning left onto Cemetery Lane from Power Plant Road during rush-hour traffic will have unintended consequences and could only make matters worse. The idea is to force vehicles to stay on Main Street rather then cutting through the West End, using Power Plant Road to turn onto Cemetery Lane, and merging back onto 82 before the roundabout. The use of West End streets upsets the homeowners there. That is understandable. However, if this does come to pass, others will be adversely affected.

Main Street will be backed up all the way to the Hotel Jerome and then some. Many cars that already use the West End streets will probably continue to do so, and will have no choice but to turn right onto Cemetery Lane. This will negatively impact all who live on Cemetery Lane and related side streets, as well as all of McLain Flats and related areas. The traffic is already bumper to bumper on McLain Flats.

The current situation, permitting left turns onto Cemetery Lane from Power Plant Road, does relieve some of the pressure by spreading the traffic flow.

The proposed change will negate this and only create more problems.

Don’t do it!

Don Lemos

Woody Creek

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