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A bad decision

Attending the City Council meeting Monday night (on another issue), I happened to be there when the controversy regarding conflict of interest by Klanderud, McCabe and Hershey regarding conceptual approval of a Little Nell timeshare came up.

A few days ago, Pat O’Donnell of the Aspen Skiing Co. sent a letter to about 3,000 employees asking them to support three of the current council members. The newspaper carried an article on the day of the council meeting, in which the Skico endorsed them for re-election.

Terry Paulson suggested (I think rightly so) that the Little Nell timeshare conceptual approval should be continued until after the elections, which are only three weeks away.

I understand that this was a real problem for the applicants, but they should acknowledge that the problem was genuine and created by one of their own. They should not have moved forward at this time.

The council members, although not responsible for the endorsement so close to their review, should be aware that the community will consider this a conflict of interest. Hershey and McCabe did the right thing by recusing themselves.

Although I have previously supported our mayor, I seriously question her decision to proceed. A project of this magnitude should not be evaluated by only three council members.

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Although the Little Nell action was very disappointing to me, I want to say how pleased I was to see the Obermeyer Project accepted across the board … and with so much praise. It appears to be just what everyone wants to see in our community!

As Klaus said, “It is a win, win, win, win.” I am personally excited about it and cannot wait to see it take shape.

Donna Fisher