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Sex and Relationships Astrology for August 10, 2003

This week is very much about love, and sex may tag along if you like!

First you will be connecting very powerfully with your love and enjoyment of you in the world, on your “life stage” doing your thing. You will also enjoy all attention and acknowledgement that comes your way.

With this you will have deep connection with your heart, love, value and passion and all that will be very uplifting, encouraging you to “fly” in your life.

Next you will be very much in touch with your ideals and dreams of love and romance, of beauty, affection and all the loving gentle aspects of any relationship, be it with a friend, lover, your partner, kids and friends – you will just be more open and loving with

them all, and showing it more openly and affectionately – i.e. you will be more HUMAN and loving and expressing that! WOW.

It should be no surprise when I say that all of this will be very healing for you, on many levels.

All of this will be happening in a mellow laid back kind of way, and you will be thinking and talking about it with others as well. All sweet!

c 2003 Tomas Gregory