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800,000,000 in hunger

Dear Editor:Thanks for graciously agreeing to let me correct a misprint in my previous letter. According to the World Food Summit, 800,000,000 and not 8,000,000 of our fellow human beings – one-seventh of our human family – live in a condition of chronic, persistent hunger. Surprisingly, there is no shortage of food; people go hungry because of lack of opportunity. We are so lucky to live in a world of opportunity. The Hunger Project, http://www.thp.org, has begun the task of creating opportunities for these 800,000,000 to help themselves. A practical miracle is occurring in our world in our time.I needed to share this with the community because it is very good news, and learning about practical sustainable solutions has lifted my spirits and saved me from a lot of heartache. Anything is possible when people of good will come together. Happy holidays.Richard HarrisAspen