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5A will protect visitor base

Dear Editor:

As a manager at a couple of small lodges, I know firsthand how important tourism is to our community. Without a strong visitor base, businesses suffer, families suffer and individuals suffer.

Referendum 5A and the Aspen Local Marketing District will help protect that visitor base. The increased marketing dollars it will bring to our resort town will help attract visitors, sustain local businesses and enable us to keep our employees.

I know firsthand what people are willing to pay to stay in Aspen, and I am perfectly comfortable with a 1 percent lodging tax increase to generate marketing funds. This small increase will not turn people away from our town. Rather, it will give us the resources to ensure that their visit to Aspen is top-notch. Please vote in favor of our community. Please let tourism pay for itself. Please vote YES on 5A!

Casandra Foister


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