58 isn’t freezing

Dear Editor:

Bob Rafelson “honestly” admits in his letter Sept. 9, “When green is grey,” that he has tried to set the heat in the house at 58 degrees. He states that his dog got frostbite and lost three toes and his 10-year-old’s lip froze.

I find that very hard to believe! All winter long I keep my thermostat at 58 degrees and sleep in the basement of a house with no insulation between floors. I too have a dog who is 9, but no kids. My dog – Hank – is in great health and has all toes still attached and no signs of frostbite.

For me 58 is very comfortable and one can always put on a long-sleeved shirt if they are too cold, but I cannot crawl out of my skin if I am hot.

I don’t live in Aspen and the hydroplant in not my concern; I simply find it hard to believe that a dog who can live outside on a cold night got frostbite in 58-degree temperatures indoors.

Bob, maybe you could try 60 degrees if 58 did not work out for your dog and child. Best of luck.

John Norman



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