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3E: The time is now

Dear Editor:

Please vote yes on 3E! We listen when our doctor tells us we need an important test. We let our plumber unclog our clogged pipes. When we need legal help, we are apt to have a lawyer help us. We rely on the teachers in our community to educate our children. Shouldn’t we listen to them when they tell us what is needed to make sure that our children’s education is at its best?

I am a professional teacher in Roaring Fork School District. I love teaching our children and making a difference in this valley. I know what students need to be successful, and I know what my school needs to be an active, engaging learning place.

I have to be honest: With the direction that school funding has been heading in the last few years, our pipes are beginning to clog. Our class sizes are growing and our students have less of their teacher’s attention. Some of our talented teachers have left the district for schools and careers that can help them better meet their family’s financial needs.

I use a reading textbook that I had 11 years ago. A high school teacher I know has had to modify his labs because of increased class size. I am given time every day to plan for quality instruction, but I spend part of that time emptying trash and disinfecting desks because we no longer have enough custodial staff to do it.

We’ve reduced just about everything in our budget that we can without significantly impacting student learning. Recently, the state announced that for 2012, an additional $300 million dollar cut looms on the horizon for K-12 education statewide. Without additional resources, we’re going to have to look at closing schools and eliminating quality programming, as well as cutting more teachers and staff. If 3E doesn’t pass, my experience tells me that students’ learning will be impacted.

On Nov. 1, please consider what the professionals say is needed to teach our kids. Vote for our kids and for our communities. Vote yes on 3E.

Megan Talbott

Glenwood Springs

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