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3E needs your vote

Dear Editor:

Crunch time is upon us. The Roaring Fork School District mail-in ballots arrive this week. If you are already a supporter of passing 3E (endorsing the mill levy override), then thank you, fill out your ballots, mail them in quickly and read no further.

If you know right now and with certainty you are not in support of 3E, then exercise your democratic rights and stop reading. But, if you have not yet made up your mind, then please do read further. I hope I can sway you to vote for this critical measure.

Are you worried about the added expense to your budget, even though next year you will be paying less in property taxes even if this measure passes? Maybe you like to support education initiatives, but it’s a matter of putting a little extra food on your table, and who could argue with you? Perhaps you are reluctant to dump money into a failed system, which is a valid concern and should be discussed after we are sure our students have up-to-date textbooks and reasonable class sizes and we are no longer facing potential school closures.

If you are unhappy with the RFSD administration and don’t want to reward them for a job you see as poorly performed, don’t punish the children. Vote for reform on the school board in current elections by selecting candidates Matt Hamilton, Daniel Biggs and Terri Lott Richardson who will hold the district accountable, unlike the current school board.

Think about this: Recently, the state of Colorado applied for millions of dollars in funding from the federal government’s Race to the Top competitive grant. Sadly, we lost out to more reform-minded states like Massachusetts, who incidentally outspends us in per student capita by 35 percent.

With Colorado ranked 40th in per capita spending on education, the story on the street as to why Colorado wasn’t awarded this grant funding is this: Why should the federal government invest in Colorado when Colorado doesn’t even invest in itself?

All the bake sales in the world will not put a dent in what we need just to keep afloat. And I ask you: If we don’t invest in our community, who will?

Erika Leavitt


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