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30th Anniversary

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes

The Aspen Valley Medical Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary recently with a gala dinner-dance. Everyone had fun bidding on the services of local doctors and board members of the Medical Foundation.

Pediatrician Dr. Bill Mitchell was auctioned off as a baby sitter; Dr. Bill Rodman will drive someone in his World War II Commander vehicle during the Fourth of July parade; Dr. Mark Epstein and Kathy Pelowski will present a concert; Virginia Pearce will teach bridge; and Dr. Dennis Cirillo will prepare an Italian meal for a group of Aspenites, who will be served by John Sarpa. Dr. Ann Mass will prepare a heart-healthy meal, and Dr. David Hollander will give a diagnostic screening special. Other lucky persons will enjoy a firehouse party, ride in an ambulance and spend the weekend with Dr. Bud Glismann at his ranch. Hosting a horseback day will be Richard Jelinek. Dr. Glenn Kotz will test someone’s athletic fitness; Dr. David Borchers will host a picnic; Dr. Gordon Gerson will train someone for the triathlon; Dr. Steve Ayers is hosting a karate program; and former Medical Foundation president Gerry Wendel will host a party at his new Willow Creek Golf Course in Nevada.

During dinner there was dancing, and after the auction there was more dancing with music provided by the Walt Smith Trio and the Bill Parish Orchestra. The dance floor was packed the whole time, and the truly local affair was a complete sellout.

The Aspen Valley Medical Foundation has accomplished much in its 30 years of existence. It has raised more than $10 million for major construction projects, capital improvements and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for Aspen Valley Hospital, including funds to build the current hospital, the assisted living facility for seniors known as Castle Creek Terrace, the Level Three Trauma Center, and the Dr. Robert Oden Conference Center. Thanks to significant bequests from the Doris Denker estate and the estate of Fabi Benedict, the Foundation’s assets grew dramatically in 1998 and 1999 by $8.5 million.

Because there are so many photographs from the Medical Foundation party, I will keep the column to just this party.

Undercurrent … Costa Rica seems to be the destination of choice for many Aspenites this coming off-season.