2A will boost Aspen’s vitality

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your input regarding Referendum 2A. We appreciate your opinion as we always appreciate hearing from our visitors. You bring up a few points that we would like to address to clarify some misconceptions.

First, please note that 2A is not a “tourist” tax, but rather a lodging tax. Second, we are glad you recognize the value that Aspen offers during your vacations here. The community’s vitality – concerts, art shows, festivities – that you allude to are often free of charge and add so much to the Aspen experience. Referendum 2A will allow these types of events – from 4th of July to Wintersköl – to perpetuate.

Lastly, being a nonprofit, ACRA is by no means looking to “decrease expenses.” Instead, we’re trying to continue to provide an unparalleled experience at a competitive rate.

Julia Theisen