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AUGUST 1929The comings and goings of restaurants has long been newsworthy. In 1929, the Times reported,A.D. Veza’s new White Front Restaurant is fast gaining an enviable reputation for its nice, juicy steaks and short order lunches.Adolph has struck his gait since moving to the center of town.How about this “Swell Party of Tourists”?As we returned to the office from luncheon Monday noon we noticed two Cadillacs parked in front of our sanctum sanctorum and – what do you think – the occupants were assembled between the Cads, sitting on the running boards and enjoying their eats from lunch baskets. And the Jerome Hotel’s dining room within fifty feet.There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned bank robbery to keep a local law enforcement officers on their toes. The Times wrote,It seemed like old times Saturday morning when the news leaked out that the safe at the depot had been blown open sometime Friday night and a small sum of cash and book of Express Money Orders taken by the safeblowers.The explosion must have been loud enough to have been heard some distance, but the men sleeping on the work train a few yards distant snored right through and heard nothing unusual.That the robbers secured very little cash is due to the fact that Agent W.L. Graves banks all cash receipts every afternoon after the departure of the daily train. Had this not been the custom of Mr. Graves the robbers would have made a rich haul as the express and freight receipts were unusually large Friday morning.

AUGUST 1954With many performers of note (including the grandfather of a current Aspen Times reporter), Aspen’s music festival was beginning to make a name for itself. The Times announced,Darius Milhaud will conduct the Aspen Festival Orchestra in two of his most popular works Sunday, August 23, in the seventh orchestral concert of the 1954 Festival.Milhaud’s “Suite Francaise” and “Les Amours de Ronsard” will be performed in the distinguished composer’s only appearance in a Festival concert this summer. “Les Amours de Ronsard” will feature a chamber orchestra and vocal soloists Phylis Curtin, Eunice Alberts, Leslie Chabay and Mack Harrell.How sweet it was …William V. Hodges, Jr., president of the Aspen Skiing Corporation, released to The Times Wednesday the full and complete list of rates for the coming ski season.The resident rates will be as follows: Annual pass $100. Books of 6 rides will be $20.00. … Resident children get the breaks again with day tickets on the chair lifts to cost 75 cents…. residents must be on the tax rolls and must be qualified to vote at general elections. This is to eliminate as much as possible floaters or ski bums who come in to ski and occupy lift space to the detriment of the paying guest who lays considerable money on the line to be in Aspen for a few days.Regular guest rates are as follows: One ride, $3.00; one day, $5.00; Three days, $13.00; Seven-days, $26.00; One month, $90.00; and Annual, $150.00. And in return for purchasing season passes and lift tickets, the skiing corporation promised improved services. The Times reported,

The first steel to be delivered for the new $100,000 double chair lift now under construction from Spar Gulch to the Sundeck were these 12-foot bull wheels that will carry the cable and furnish power. A crime spree had cops and reporters looking for the real story. The Times wrote,Several acts of purported vandalism caused this reporter to investigate one of the cases in order to place the facts before the public. We asked Burnham Miller to tell us of his experience with marauders who have removed roadside signs, advertising his lodge. Miller admitted that four of his signs which had been placed in the vicinity of other advertising boards, had been knocked down recently which seemed to indicate that someone “has it in for him. …”When asked what he is going to do about it Miller replied, “I have been responsibly told that a ‘Sign Vigilante’ committee has been formed, which will function to remove all signs offensive to its members, so it’s possible that ours are the first targets of this group. … Many of my friends have volunteered to form a counter-vigilante group but I am firmly against such feudal tactics. I do believe our government officials should act quickly and strongly to eradicate the Ku Klux Klan projects with which our citizens are being plagued.”AUGUST 1979″Restrictions are driving the small businessmen out of town,” the Times quoted a local as saying. Was this 1979 or 2004?County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to deny an application by Aspen Highlands for permission to install an alpine slide at the ski area.The slide is a plastic-coated cement and fiber through that Highlands wants to install in the Jerome bowl area. …Only two persons spoke in favor of the application. Tom Katz described himself as a businessman “looking for things to keep people here.”Joe Cooper of the Highlands Inn asked, “Who will support the Aspen experience in five years? Restrictions are driving the small businessmen out of town.”

Several other residents mentioned the potential for a “Disneyland” or “carnival” atmosphere. One said he feared the motorcycles or “undesirables” who might be attracted by the slide and said he feared for the security of his home.Proposed development in Snowmass Village has residents speaking up on all sides of the issue these days. Things were a little different 25 years ago, as evidenced by this article,There were few strong feelings voiced and very little evidence of any move toward major revisions when the Snowmass town master plan had its public hearing before the town planning and zoning commission last Thursday night.The only strong objections to the new plan … came from town gadfly Harry Truscott.Truscott stated his concerns that the proposed master plan is not strict enough with developers, claiming that the plan lacked specific numerical limits on growth and also needs strong commitment to a specific number of employee housing units for the town.Master plan Project Coordinator Bill Kane of Snowmass Engineering answered Truscott by stating that in his opinion there are specific limits set forth in the master plan. …According to Kane, the master plan calls for development of 2,549 dwelling units in Snowmass over the next 15 years, with the development preferably taking the form of an expansion of the present West Village and the creation of an entirely new East Village.Oh, the weather outside is frightful …Winter seems to be closing in on Colorado this week, even though it’s barely the middle of summer as far as the calendar is concerned.The gray, rainy skies which brought a touch of autumn weather to Aspen this week brought touches of winter elsewhere in the state in the form of snow.Light snow, too little to be measured, but too much to be ignored, fell Wednesday morning at Cripple Creek, in South Park, and on 10,000 foot Kenosha Pass.

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