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25-50 years ago

With no tow installed at Shale Bluffs, these skiers got to the top of the slope the old-fashioned way. (Aspen Times Weekly File)

The merits and demerits of voting a tax for a new hospital and sewage system were hotly debated before the upcoming election on Nov. 1. The paper reported,Nearly 65 persons attended the public hearing Wednesday evening at the Court House on the proposed County Commissioners’ Resolution to levy a 3 mill tax on the entire county valuation to raise not over $150,000 for the construction of a new hospital within 8 years in or near Aspen. …Richard P. MacLeish, representing the hospital division of the State Board of Health, told of the laws and rules and regulations affecting the operation of the local hospital and how under present rules, that it was entirely inadequate. …A very spirited discussion on the merits of the 3 mill levy ended with a partial walkout of some of the Aspenites. Several persons from the lower valley in the Basalt area suggested that other means be used to raise money to build the hospital – that of a concerted drive for subscriptions and donations from individuals and donations.

Chairman [C.O.] Quam called for a show of hands on the proposed 3 mill, and 24 voted yes and 25 voted no. The commissioner will either approve or reject the resolution at their next meeting.Also on the front page of the Oct. 13, 1955, edition, it was noted,The Board of the Aspen Sanitation District met last Tuesday evening to set the budget for the coming year. A one mill levy is being asked this year so that surveys for a proposed sewage system and disposal plant can be finished. …In an effort to cut down the initial cost of the project, the Board instructed … the engineers … to investigate the use of the “Lagoon System” in disposing of the waste from the city.Football in Aspen got a big boost 50 years ago with the support of Sideline Coaches. The paper announced,

A new group recently organized and named Sideline Coaches has dedicated its purpose to the promotion of good sportsmanship and FOOTBALL. All members are ex-football players or ardent football fans and will energetically work to further the game in the Aspen community.With only a week’s organization, 20 pairs of bright red football pants with thigh and hip pads have been ordered and received, so that the junior team can now play tackle instead of tail football as in the past. They will make use of the old helmets discarded when the A squad received new ones recently, and thus for the first time have a complete uniform.Members of the Sideline Coaches are Dr. M.H. Harlan of Carbondale, Edgar Stanton, Whipple Jones, Bill Chalfant, Had Deane, Fritz Benedict, George Christiansen, Werk Cook, Bob George, Bob Holt, Wally Mills, Bert Simons, Red Mayer, Rus Cutter, of Craig, Colo., Oley Hansen, of Salt Lake City, and Walt Hunter and Fritz Knisley, of Chicago.

Jonesing for ski season? Twenty-five years ago these Aspenites “decided that dry-land ski training ought to be done on dry land.” Reporter Mick Ireland wrote,Three pairs of brothers, Francois and Rene Pelletier, Steve and Mike Marolt and John and Pat Callahan decided last winter to find some rocks for their rock skis during the summer, and wound up trekking up and down the slope across from the county sewer plant behind the Airport Business Center.But, like all skiers, they were always on the lookout for the perfect run, and now they think they’ve found one at the Shale Bluffs [see photos] just east of the Brush creek turnoff on Highway 82.”We decided the shale bluffs would be better. It kind of builds up your courage a little bit to have crowds watching,” said Francois Pelletier.The crowds have been good, so good in fact that the sheriff’s department was called to the scene on one occasion, and tow trucks have stopped thinking the crowd of gawking spectators had stopped for an accident. …Though the young racers, all in high school, are satisfied with the development of their sport thus far, they are still not totally satisfied. “We want a dirt and dust report on KSNO,” Rene Pelletier said. And several of the other dust hounds complained that a mogul field is building just below Highway 82, making the skiing a bit rocky for even the most dedicated of the group.Steve Marolt suggested that stiff skis are the best for the conditions, and explained that it doesn’t take long to get through the P-tex and down to the core of the ski. “It’s like a belt sander.” …Raspberries are the most severe injuries suffered thus far, mostly because, as John Callahan explained, “No one’s dared a face plant yet.”

With the recent addition of a brand-new shopping center and post office on North Mill Street, the city lit up what had been a dark section of town. The paper reported,Replicas of antique streetlights from Portland, Ore., were installed Thursday along the new sidewalks of North Mill Street, increasing pedestrian safety at night.The streetlights are similar in design to the antique replicas in Aspen’s downtown mall and along Main Street. However, according to Jon Busch, the lights along Mill Street will be brighter. …Busch estimated the cost of each streetlight at $3,000, more expensive than standard models which can cost as little as several hundred dollars, he said.

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