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25-50-100 Years Ago

Sara Garton
A group of Aspen High School teachers perch on rocks that form the dramatic Devil's Punch Bowl on Independence Pass. A group of teachers also enjoyed a day at the Grottos in 1907, the paper wrote. (Courtesy Aspen Historical Society)

The paper wrote about a family excursion that turned into a family project.Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and sons Ed and Ted spent Sunday picnicking out of town. Just to show how they enjoyed themselves, Mr. Cooper says he and the boys placed mile stones all along the road between here and Basalt, there being eighteen in all. Now, when the travelers go speeding down the valley they will know just where “they are at.” This is what we call public spirited enterprise of the right sort.Another group enjoyed an autumn outing, the paper noted.Sixteen of the teachers in the city schools left early yesterday morning on horseback for the Devil’s punch bowl [see photo] where they spent the day most pleasantly climbing the hills and sightseeing.

100 years ago the town’s competing newspapers helped each other out in an emergency, as they do today! The Aspen Democrat reported,Last night just as we were setting the fair stuff, the linotype went down kerplunk. For a few seconds things were blue in The Democrat office. A messenger was dispatched for Webster Blackburn and he responded to the call at once and would have pulled us out of the hole but after he had started to work on the repairing, the Times stated they had an old elevator which we were welcome to use until ours could be repaired. The offer was timely and appreciated by The Democrat and its readers as through the courtesy of the Times we are out on time this morning.

Taking advantage of the nice fall weather, construction began on a new wing at the hospital (see photo), the paper reported.Located behind the present building, the new structure was begun despite the fact the total funds needed have not as yet been subscribed. The new structure is being financed entirely by donations. According to officials of the Hospital Board, approximately $80,000 of the needed $115,000 had been donated or pledged when construction started. … Construction was authorized to enable the contractor to roof in the new structure before winter. Whether or not an Aspen street or alley has been vacated legally is still controversial today when reviewing development proposals. Here is a report from 50 years ago.Vacated by the aldermen by passage of an ordinance on first reading [at the Sept. 16 City Council meeting] was one-half of Hallam Street just west of Monarch.The move was made at the request of John Doremus as agent for Robert Marsh, owner of the Half House. The land vacated has been out of public use and has figured in the abstracts of the house for the pat 30 years.Once vacated the street reverts automatically by law equally to the owners of the property adjoining it.Owner of the property on the other side of the vacated street, Alderman Fred Glidden abstained from the voting.

Today the Aspen Club is proposing a big redevelopment. Big changes were happening 25 years ago, the Times reported.The Aspen Club, the tennis and exercise complex begun by Bob Goldsamt in 1977, was sold Monday, ending Goldsamt’s five-year effort to place the club on a solid footing.The purchase was announced Tuesday at an informal new conference held at the club by its new purchasers, Dick Butera and Julie Anthony. …Anthony was a top-ranked touring tennis pro in the 1970s who played World Team Tennis with the likes of Billie Jean King and Fred Stolle.She also was ranked in the top five doubles players and won the Canadian Open in 1975 with Margaret Court. …Her forte, however, is in sports psychology … signing on [in 1979] as the team psychologist for the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League. Butera, who said Aspen has been one of his favorite towns for the past 20 years, is also a pro when it comes to the resort business. In the 1970s, he helped develop and was president of the Hilton Head, S.C., resort.He has also developed projects in Florida and Hawaii, and more recently had interests in radio stations in Philadelphia and Atlantic City.What the two envision is a wellness center, which will utilize Anthony’s expertise in the areas of training and stress management. …Anthony and Butera are also considering the possibility of some real estate development in conjunction with the club but have no concrete plans. …Because they plan to devote all their time to building club membership and services, Anthony and Butera will make Aspen their permanent home.

A fugitive couldn’t escape the harsh Rocky Mountain environment, wrote reporter Mick Ireland.Hal Schick, 39, the prisoner who walked out of the county jail Sept. 11, apparently drowned in the Roaring Fork River a little more than 48 hours after leaving the jail. …Schick’s body was found a few hundred yards from the Lazy Glenn bridge at about 3:15 p.m. Friday by a Denver fisherman. …The time of his death [was estimated] at about sunrise Monday, Sept. 13, an hour or two after he was last seen fleeing a roadblock managed by Deputy Rob Merritt.Schick drove past Merritt’s squad car near the Old Snowmass intersection of River Road and Highway 82 at about 4:30 a.m. Sept. 13. With Merritt’s car in pursuit, Schick stopped about one-half mile west of the roadblock.Merritt saw Schick run toward the river but was unable to keep the fugitive in view and radioed for help. According to [county coroner Don] Davis, Schick may have fallen in the river at that point or entered later in an attempt to elude tracking dogs that were brought to the scene later in the morning. …Schick was the third prisoner to escape the jail in recent years and the fourth to escape the custody of the deputies.