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25-50-100 years ago

The Aspen Democrat proudly reported the prowess of local bear hunters 100 years ago. Colonel John Bowman and son display bearskins hung from their hunting cabin. (Courtesy Aspen Historical Society)

Apparently any season was bear season (see photo) 100 years ago, according to this story.Ed Powell, the well-known ranchman from Snow Mass, came to town yesterday and brought with him a fine specimen of a bear, which his son Frank Powell and Fred Hidel tumbled over near the ranch several days ago. The hide is that of a cub about a year old. Where you find cubs you can bank on the old ‘uns being in the vicinity, and beyond the question of a doubt the Aspen bear hunters will scour that territory in search of the old bears. This section of the state is getting quite a reputation for bear, and the next time the president comes to Colorado, he should make his headquarters at Aspen. Come along, Mr. Roosevelt, and you will find the Aspen people the best on earth.Some of the most beautiful picnic and camping sites in the United States are in the Maroon Creek valley and at Maroon Lake (see photo). The paper noted, One of the jolliest picnic crowds of the season leaves this morning for Maroon creek to fish and enjoy the day sightseeing, and of course to enjoy a lunch consisting of all the season’s delicacies. The party is composed of Rev. J.M. O’Bryen, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Markle, Mr. and Mrs. Boyce and children, Mrs. John McCray, Grant Ruland and son, and Miss Vivian Markle.Look up at nighttime, for the summer skies over the Roaring Fork Valley provide breathtaking displays. A spectacular light show in June 1907 was reported.

It was reported yesterday by several Aspenites who chanced to be going home quite late Monday night that a most beautiful meteor was quite noticeable in the sky over the northeastern part of the city. The meteor was of considerable size and threw out sparks resembling so-called falling stars. Those who saw the sight were very fortunate and their description of the phenomena quite interesting. An item announced the arrival of Ruth McNutt of San Francisco, whom David R. C. Brown had just married in Paris. Word was received from Glenwood yesterday that D.R.C. Brown and bride, who have just recently returned from an extensive tour on the continent, arrived at the Spa and registered at the Hotel Colorado. They will be joined today by the Misses Margaret and Henrietta Brown of New York City and will arrive in Aspen during the week to visit among numerous friends here.The Aspen-Glenwood Springs rivalry met on the ball diamond (see photo), and the paper ribbed the competition for fielding ringers.

Were you out to the ball game Sunday? If not you certainly missed the best game ever played on the Aspen diamond and it would have caused your heart to throb with pride for the Aspen boys, even if they did go down under the professional ball players who are called Glenwood boys. There is one thing about Aspen and that is every one of her ball players live and work in Aspen and have for the past “steen” years, not a one of them being shipped in to play ball. Glenwood, it seems, is unable to get up a ball team that is worth a whoop until they get in old professionals from New York City, Chicago, and Denver. Oh well, it’s all right, and there was a big crowd out to see the game and none left disappointed in the metal of the game.Microfilm of The Aspen Times 19041909 is missing from the Colorado Historical Society’s archives. These 1907 excerpts are from The Aspen Democrat.

Happy golden wedding anniversary to an Aspen couple with deep roots in our community. The paper wrote about their nuptials,Sigrid Joan Braun and David Stapleton were married in Aspen on Saturday, June 15, at 2 p.m. in St. Mary’s Church.Father Joseph Bosch performed the double ring ceremony.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Braun of Aspen, the bride was given in marriage by her father.Mr. Stapleton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stapleton of Aspen.The bride wore a full-length dress of white organza fashioned with imported Italian lace. Her waist-length veil was held in place by a narrow white velvet band. She carried a prayer book adorned with orchids.The maid of honor, Miss Ann Hollenbeck of Aspen, wore a ballerina-length dress of aqua net and carried a nosegay of carnations.Sister of the bride, Renate Braun, and Billy Lou Stapleton, sister of the groom, were bridesmaids. They wore ballerina-length dresses of light blue. …Mr. Stapleton’s best man was Darryl Stapleton, his brother, and ushers were John Zurfluh of Aspen and Bernie McNeamanie.The church was decorated with white stock and lilacs. Mr. Mario Lalli sang “Angelicus” and “Ave Maria” at the wedding.The Aspen Music School students arrive this week, as they did 50 years ago. The paper noted,For the first time in the history of the Aspen Music School, student enrollment has topped the 300 mark, according to Dean Norman Singer.301 students from all points of America will flock into Aspen over the weekend for registration.Their first official meeting will be a convocation ceremony at 9:30 a.m. Monday in the Wheeler Opera House at which they will be welcomed to Aspen by Singer and MAA chairman Courtlandt D. Barnes Jr.Monday afternoon MAA trustees will hold a reception for the students at the lemonade stand at the Amphitheater.This year, the tyro musicians will be quartered at the Prince Albert, Roaring Fork and Brand buildings, Aspenhof, Aspen Hills, Mountain Chalet and in a number of private homes in Aspen.They will take their meals at the Roaring Fork Cafeteria with picnics every Monday night to break up the week.A night of drinking seemed to fuel a night of malicious behavior, The Aspen Times wrote, In an unprecedented orgy of vandalism, which shocked the town, more than 60 tires on 44 cars were slashed or punctured in Aspen last Thursday night, June 13.Although most of the cars damaged were parked in the southwestern part of the business district, there was no apparent interrelation between them and no apparent reason for the wanton destruction.Acting on the evidence of a footprint in the mud near one of the slashed tires, Cris Kralicek with State Patrolman Roy Griffith and Undersheriff Earl Dalton arrested four men for questioning Friday morning. After the arrest it was found that three of the men were on parole from state institutions and one on probation from Denver County.During the investigation it was discovered that on the evening of June 13 all four men had been drinking in a local bar.Although footprints of shoes similar to those worn by [a suspect], sufficient evidence for criminal charges was not obtained, and the men were released Monday, June 12.

The summer season is heralded today by the Food & Wine Magazine Classic. Twenty-five years ago, it was the Deaf Camp Picnic.The crowd was smaller, the barbecue lunch was tastier, and the entire Deaf Camp Picnic was more a day for locals than it has been for the last several years. …Raising money for deaf children from all over the country to attend the Aspen Camp School for the Deaf were many of Aspen’s finest local talents. Heading the 14th annual picnic was the Dirt Band [see photo].Deaf children and picnic-goers danced beneath the bandstand. The buses ran smoothly. There was only one arrest. The sun broke through the clouds. The beer supplies held out just fine.

And all in all, despite the absence of picnic traditionals John Denver and Jimmy Buffett, everyone agreed that it had been one of the best ever.The Aspen Skico was tightening its belt, the paper reported.Claiming they are getting hit from two directions – a middle-aged industry and rising costs – the Aspen Skiing Company has canceled its capital improvements program for this year.Dropping the projects, which are centered mostly at Tiehack and Buttermilk, has resulted in layoffs for many hourly employees with the exception of the crew working on the installation of a new lift at the base of Buttermilk. …[Skico public relations director Jack Brendlinger said] that the company had reached a price ceiling on what it could charge its customers.The recent layoffs apparently prompted a ream of rumors centered on the company’s supposed desire to sell Ajax. … Brendlinger said the mountain is an important part of the company’s skiing package and that in all probability it would remain in the fold.

Snowmass will, however, figure more prominently in the future of the company because, as Brendlinger put it, “Aspen Mountain does not have a lot of growth potential.”The Aspen Times reported shocking news from Santa Fe,A former Aspen mayor, Dr. Robert Barnard, 65, was found dead yesterday morning, June 16, in his home near Santa Fe, apparently murdered by a single gunshot wound to the head.His body was discovered by a neighbor, Bo Peterson, who had built the house occupied by Barnard and sold it to him about 18 months ago. … there was evidence of a hard struggle in the house. … There was no evidence of a robbery. A general practitioner, Barnard moved to Aspen in 1951 and practiced medicine here for over 20 years with Dr. J. Sterling Baxter.He was elected to city council in the fall of 1963 and took office in January 1964. In 1965 he was elected mayor and served the city in that capacity until January 1971. A sports car driver, he was one of the men instrumental in construction of the Aspen raceway in Woody Creek. … Among his hobbies was collecting and maintaining antique cars. At his death he was engaged to be married at the beginning of July.The murder is being investigated by New Mexico police.

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