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25-50-100 years ago

Sara Garton
Rules for the Hose Contest, published July 4, 1906: Distance to run 300 feet to plug and carry 250 feet of hose and break at end of 200 feet and nozzle and get water. The hose puller and plugman allowed to carry not over 10 feet of hose and begin to pull hose 30 feet from plug. Plugman to have at least two threads caught and breakers to break at least two threads and nozzleman to catch at least two threads. Time to be taken from fall of drop until water passes through nozzle. (Courtesy Aspen Historical Society)

Microfilm of The Aspen Times 1904-1909 is missing from the Colorado Historical Society’s archives. These 1906 excerpts are from The Aspen Democrat. Aspen’s Fourth of July began with a bang – as always!FIZZ! BOOM!! BANG!!!Holy Smoke, what was that? Nothing but the Aspen Light Artillery batters firing the national salute this morning.Wasn’t it a peach? Well, you know it. Aspen folks never do anything by halves. And when they do anything there is something going on that cuts the ice and lets the world we know we are still on Earth with silver at 65 1/4.But the artillery wasn’t the only noise! Frank Croman turned the tugboat whistle on the Mary B. loose and oh, mother, what a racket that thing did make, and Frank kept ‘er going until the sleepyheads cussed a blue streak …And all the mines blowed their whistles this morning to welcome the nation’s birthday, and the young folks will be out just about time The Democrat is on your doorstep, ready to make noise, noise, noise.

TODAY’S PROGRAMBand and Parade 9:30Hose Contest on Main street near Jerome [see photo] 11:00Tug of War at Lake 1:00Drilling Contest at Lake 1:30Races at Driving Park [see photo] 1:30Grand Fireworks Display 8:30Fourth of July 1906 also ended with a bang, the paper reported,The festivities of the day were very appropriately brought to a close with a brilliant display of fireworks purchased by the Commercial club and handled from the foot of Main street by the Blackburn brothers and could be plainly seen from all parts of the city. The exhibit was grand and was greatly enjoyed by all our citizens.The trains brought in many visitors during the day, many of which are still with us and from what we could learn, one and all enjoyed our celebration to the utmost and many a good word was given for the greatest silver camp on Earth – ASPEN, THE CRYSTAL CITY OF THE ROCKIES. An indignant article reviewed a boxing match, a popular spectator sport among Aspenites at the turn of the century.The alleged prize fight at the Wheeler last evening was without doubt the rawest job that has ever been perpetrated on an Aspen audience and right here Manager Stallard wished it understood that he rented the house last night and disclaims any participation in the affair – we don’t blame him.The exhibition given last night was a disgrace and has forever ruined the fighting game in this city. Aspen has stood for a good many raw ones, but last night’s performance was the limit. The writer has seen men mobbed for less than this, and it is a blessing that Aspen is the law-abiding city she is.The fight was too disgusting to talk about, suffice it to say, however, that Cavanaugh made about the yellowest quit that has ever been herd of. The fight lasted just about two minutes and a half and was over so quickly as to almost take one’s breath away. The job was so miserably done that the audience, who had given up the hard cash to see a halfway decent exhibition anyway, rose as one man and yelled “fake!” and continued to do so until Referee Bruin stepped to the ropes and declared that owing to the miserable and cowardly showing made by Cavanaugh, he (Cavanaugh) would not receive his share of the purse, but that the same would be donated to the Fourth of July committee which decision was received with cheers.

Aspen the ski resort was advancing, but the paper reported one hitch.Installation of the second of two new chairlifts scheduled for construction here this summer will be postponed for a year and an Aspen man was named vice president, it was announced last Sunday, July 1, at the annual stockholders meeting of Aspen Skiing Corp.The reason for the postponement action was the improbability of being able to complete two lifts in one summer. The problem of financing two lifts was also mentioned as a determining factor to immediate work on the second lift. …One [is] to run to the road above Little Nell and a second to run from Niagara to the top of Bell Mountain. Work on the first of these, called Little Nell or Lift No. 4 , has already begun. Elected a vice president of the Skiing Corp. … was Edgar Stanton, Aspen. His appointment to office marks the first time an Aspen resident has figured among the corporation’s officers. …Another project scheduled by the lift corporation for the immediate future is the rebuilding of the Sundeck and existing facilities at the top of the mountain. Purchase of a new cable for Chairlift No. 1 is also planned.An article about an air crash over the Grand Canyon mentioned Aspenite Jack Holst, who, by the way, turned 100 years old this year and celebrated with a party at the Aspen Historical Society !

The air tragedy which recently killed 128 people when two airliners crashed in the air above the Grand Canyon is of more than normal interest to Aspen resident Jack Holst.A United Airlines pilot for 22 years, Captain Holst was flying the route over the crash area the day before the accident and had flown the missing United plane many times in the past.One of the worst disasters in history, the crash occurred last Saturday morning, June 30. Flying in the same direction, a TWA Super Constellation and a United Airlines DC 7 collided in the air at an altitude of about 21,000 feet. … Trouble occurred when the TWA ship requested and obtained permission to change its cruising altitude to climb above some storm clouds.Today’s Aspen Institute’s president, Walter Isaacson, sits on the board of directors of United Airlines. Fifty years ago, another Aspen Institute president sat on another airline board. The paper reported, Walter Paepcke, head of the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Company, has been named a director of Continental Airlines, Denver, Colorado. …Chairman of the board of Container Corporation of America, Mr. Paepcke is also director of the United States Gypsum Company and Encyclopedia Brittanica. In addition, he is a trustee of the Orchestra League in Chicago, the Chicago Art Institute, the University of Chicago, the Fund for the Advancement of Education and the Council for Financial Aid to Education.Paepcke holds honorary degrees from the University of Denver, Trinity College, Wesleyan University, Occidental College and Southwestern University. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.A full-page ad in The Aspen Times conveyed good wishes from Aspen businesses to Jesse Maddalone on the opening of his new service station (see photo). It also exclaimed,Hello from Conoco!GRAND OPENING AT MYNEW CONOCO STATION!SAT. JULY 7Everybody’s WelcomeFREE Gifts for the Adults FREE Gifts for the Kids

The paper reported a follow-up story about the Mid-Continent mine disaster.Faulty wiring on an improperly assembled light switch attached to a huge mining machine may have sparked an April 15 methane gas explosion that killed 15 coal miners in the Dutch Creek No. 1 Mine near Redstone, a Mid-Continent Coal and Coke employee newspaper reported this week. …Results of the federal investigation are expected to be released in the fall. But federal investigators have released some findings to Mid-Continent. That information, along with Mid-Continent’s report on the explosion, were contained in the employee newspaper.The allegedly faulty switch box was attached to a continuous miner, a large machine that extracts coal from the face of the mineAspen has always had extreme athletes doing extreme things. The paper reported,

Three and a half hours over the Guinness world record, but one and one-half hours short of their original goal, Brad Bauman and Len Allen finally let the rain and cold take over as they finished four and one-half days of continuous tennis play. During the 108 hours and 20 minutes of outdoor playing, which had begun 8 a.m. Saturday, the two Plum Tree Tennis Center instructors battled mental and physical fatigue, as well as rainstorms and cold nights.”It was a tennis game in the day and a swim meet at night,” said Bauman halfway in the attempt. “The ark never saw as much rain as we have.”In some of the heavier rains, so much water covered the court that play was restricted to volleying back and forth across the net because the ball could not bounce well, they said. … Bauman and Allen, who have both toured pro tennis circuits, attempted to break the record to raise money for charity and to promote the Plum Tree TennisCenter where they both teach. It was reported $4,000 was raised for the Deaf Camp.A PG-rated Fourth of July parade was encouraged by the Aspen Chamber of Commerce, the paper reported,The Aspen Chamber of Commerce is calling for public cooperation in staging a Fourth of July parade suitable for family viewing.”It is sincerely requested that the parade floats and marchers consider what is tasteful and appropriate for a family audience and to march and stage the parade accordingly,” a news release from the chamber stated.Concern apparently stems from an incident in January’s Winterskol parade involving an entry depicting drunken, pregnant nuns.

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