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25-50-100 years ago

Pieces of the largest silver nugget ever mined are in the back of this wagon on Hopkins Avenue, with the Armory (now City Hall) in the background. The nugget had to be broken into pieces for removal from the Smuggler Mine. The paper reported good news for the silver miners in 1907. (Courtesy Aspen Historical Society)

Editor Charles Cap Dailey, who urged his readers to Smile and Push Aspen, had good news to report.Good news for the silver miners comes from Washington. Superintendent Downer of the Denver mint has received instructions to begin the exclusive coinage of silver on December 1 and to continue the same until further orders. The mint working at its full capacity means a coinage of $80,000 a day.This order will inaugurate an era of prosperity in all the silver camps of the West, especially in Colorado and more especially in Aspen [see photo], by the opening of thousands of sliver mines that have been idle for years and the employment of thousands of miners.Twenty-one carloads of bullion have been shipped by the American Smelting & Refining company from Denver to Omaha where it will be refined. Keep on a-smiling and a-pushing.Cap Dailey may have pushed Aspen, but periodically he wrote about pushing its cats clear out of the city. Nevertheless, he scolded one resident for his careless disposal of excess felines.A resident of East Bleeker has a right to kick. He complains that recently a certain person, who is known, has taken it upon himself to see that he is well provided with cats by leaving several of the pets in his yard.If the practice is not stopped the cat man will surely find himself picking bullets out of his anatomy.With the approach of Thanksgiving, the paper announced a seasonal event.There will be a grand turkey shoot at True Smiths ranch at Rathbone at 10 oclock this morning. Quite a number of our local shooters have planned to take it in.Billy Brown was busy all day yesterday coaxing the bum shooters to go to the ranch today, and chartered a boxcar to carry the guns and ammunition.Our sleuth says that after the tourney is over Billy will get a lease on that portion of the ranch where the shoot occurred, install an hydraulic plant and make a stake washing out lead. Billy is all right.(Microfilm of The Aspen Times 1904-1909 is missing from the Colorado Historical Societys archives. The 1907 excerpts are from The Aspen Democrat.)

The Aspen Times reported the opening of ski season 50 years ago with different conditions than today.Excellent snow conditions with depths ranging to 3 feet will permit the Aspen Skiing Corporation to open its lifts on Thanksgiving Day as planned, it was announced yesterday by officials of the corporation.Operating Thursday morning, Nov. 28, will be the big chairlifts known as one and two, as well as the double chair, No. 3, serving the top.The lift on Little Nell [see photo] and the new lift to the top of Bell Mountain will not begin operation until later, the announcement added.Also to operate during the Thanksgiving weekend will be the Sundeck restaurant and warming house at the top of the mountain and the Chairlift Chalet at the foot of the main lift.This is the third year in succession that early snows have been adequate to permit Aspen lifts to run over the Thanksgiving weekend.Early skiers have already spent several days testing the slopes in the Little Nell area, and yesterday the junior skiers had their first workout on the upper slopes of Little Nell.What to wear on those snowy slopes? The Aspen Times reported the latest in ski wear.Tighter and brighter will be the ski fashion cry this winter.In preparing for its first annual fashion show of current ski garb, the Aspen Ski Club discovered that pants will be trimmer, courtesy of the elasticized process which is now an industry-wide innovation, and that designs for pants, parkas and sweaters feature more colors than ever.Elasticized ski pants are now being turned out in stripes and vivid solid colors. Traditional blacks and blues and dark grays may be moved, forever, off the slopes this season.All of the Ski Clubs research into upcoming fashions will be unveiled at their showing tomorrow night, Nov. 22, when local shops model their finds for the winter.Exhibits will be sponsored by Aspen Sports, Mountain Shop, Country Store, Alpine Jeweler, Wonder Shop and Terese David.

Survey results indicated Aspen had to buy a ticket on the marketing bandwagon, or be left behind, reported The Aspen Times. Aspen had the lowest or second to the lowest occupancy levels of six regional ski resorts surveyed last winter, according to figures obtained by Resort resources Inc., the resort marketing firm in charge of developing the Aspen Chamber Resort association (ACRA).Last winters occupancy survey shows that Aspen has to do something to strengthen its marketing position, according to Tom Blake of Resort Resources. Weve been in a downward spiral for the past five years, Blake said. How long can you continue like that and still say youre in business? The figures show that Aspen had the lowest pre-Christmas booking with 24 percent compared to the high of 52 percent. The other three posted 42, 34 and 30 percent in pre-holiday occupancy.Aspen was also in the cellar during the Christmas season last year with 85 percent, compared with the high of 99 percent. Blake said the figures highlight the pressing need for a centralized resort association in Aspen. He said all the resorts surveyed except Aspen have a unified, efficient resort marketing system. Funding for the estimated $1.5 million annual budget is expected to come from two sources: a city-imposed business license-occupational tax and contractual arrangements with the skiing companies. The ACRA proposal is expected to be presented to the Aspen City Council for approval before January. The council will then make a decision on whether or not to impose the suggested tax. compiled by Sara Garton

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