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Editor’s note: Microfilm of The Aspen Times from October 1903-1911 is missing from the Pitkin County Library. To continue our journalistic history of Aspen, we include excerpts from The Aspen Democrat, the Times’ competitor 100 years ago.

The Aspen Democrat implied only an ass would re-elect Republican Governor Peabody, who had called in the militia to crush a miners’ strike in Cripple Creek. The following items appeared in the paper the week before Election Day: Over in Huerfano county the Peabody managers are registering mules. There are a few “jacks” in Aspen who have declared they are voting for Peabody.Peabody will be here next Friday night at the Wheeler opera house and you will have a chance to see the man who has made you pay $9,020 as your share of his military debt. Well, Peabody came!Peabody went away!Perhaps there were two surprises connected with his coming and his going. Perhaps there were more.One surprise was ours. There were no soldiers on board the train which brought the governor. … We had expected to see the governor with a bunch of revolvers sticking out from under his coat-tails and perhaps a dead miner or two hanging from a car window as a warning.The city was preparing to vote in the general election, even luring a miner from his claim on Aspen Mountain:W.O. Zaugg, one of the prosperous Tourtelotte park citizens, came down to the city yesterday to take a look at the governor and hear what he had to say for himself.No network or CNN election-night analysts 100 years ago. Instead … A telegraph instrument was installed in the Jerome yesterday which will be used to receive the election returns next Tuesday evening.Aspenites have long had a reputation for being fit … and for enjoying themselves! However, 100 years ago, it seemed men only had all the fun. The paper reported:A movement is now on foot to reopen the old athletic club over the bank building which has been closed for the past few months. … Winter is coming on and this will be an ideal place for the young men of the city to congregate these long evenings. Athletics are a good thing and there should be such a club in every town.H.F. Axtell has fitted up the old hand ball court on Cooper avenue into a billiard and pool room where many pleasant hours can be spent in playing the various games. Nothing but temperance drinks and cigars are handled and it is fast becoming a popular resort with the young men of the city.

An outraged Governor Thornton fired off telegrams to all of Colorado’s sheriff and police departments: With the death toll because of highway accidents up to 328 as of Tuesday evening, or 44 more than at this date a year ago, Governor Thornton is demanding that law enforcement officers “crack down” on traffic law violators so that this senseless slaughter can be stopped. …”There is a blood bath taking place on our highways and streets caused by killers running rampant. These killers are drivers of high powered motor vehicles which are just as dangerous as high powdered guns. I demand that you, the law enforcement officers of this state dealing with this problem, arrest all traffic law violators and take them to court so that this murder can be stopped.”Members of the new Artist’s Committee, the Committee-at-Large, and the Aspen Committee for the Music Festival and School, groups formed at the request of Walter Paepcke after he separated the music portion from the Aspen Institute, met to discuss their operation and program for summer 1955: Many details were cooperatively discussed and worked upon relative to the housing and feeding of students at the Roaring Fork and Prince Albert, the housing of artists, publicity, fund raising, incorporation of the Aspen Music Institute as a separate entity, etc. …Mack Harrell, chairman of the Artist’s Committee of the Aspen Music Institute, said, “All the musicians feels as if this change-over, which has resulted in close association with the town of Aspen, is the most helpful as well as personally exciting thing that could have happened toward realizing our mutual goal … a permanent Music Festival and School.”How about some wartime patriotism served with your wild game?Plans are going rapidly forward to make the Annual Hospital Benefit Dinner and Movie better than ever before … with the Dinner serving starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Hotel Jerome dining room. The movie, at the Isis Theater, will start at 8:30 and this will give all diners a chance to finish their meal by movie time.The dinner will be wild game and the committee will have venison and elk meats along with beef, pork and lamb for those whose taste for wild game is not well developed.The movie for the evening is “Victory at Sea,” a documentary film taken originally y the Navy department.

There was no love lost between the Roaring Fork Valley’s finest and the feds 25 years ago. The paper reported: The United States Attorney’s office in Denver issued eight subpoenas for local law enforcement agents last week, it was learned.Included in the list are District Attorney Chuck Leidner, DA investigator Mike Fisher, ex-deputy District Attorney Debbie Quinn, Pitkin County Sheriff Dick Kienast, Sheriff’s department official Don Davis, Sheriff’s deputy Bob Braudis, Aspen Police Chief Rob McClung, and ex-district attorney’s secretary Nancy Baxter.Apparently the subpoenas stem from the August Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) bust made in the Roaring Fork Valley.A grand jury will look into the possibility of whether or not the local law agents did obstruct justice during the DEA busts or just prior to them, sources said.A constant attendee of City Council meetings, Aspen Times’ editor in chief Bil Dunaway advised in his weekly editorial: It is difficult for the council to discuss any topics in depth at regular meetings because of the pressure of long agendas and the need for briefness simply to cover routine affairs. As a result many matters must be put off unless they can be handled at special meetings. …If the city council cannot find time to make decisions in its regular meetings, and it apparently cannot, it should increase the frequency of its sessions to once a week, or at least schedule the special study sessions needed to adequately discuss all business before it.The matriarch of a longtime Aspen family whose members turned from ranching to speeding down ski slopes was being honored at the annual Denver Ski Ball:When the Denver Ski Ball is held Friday, Nov. 9, at the Fairmont Hotel, members of the US 1980 Olympic Ski Team will be in attendance … and an honored guest will be Aspenite Celia Marolt, who is mother of Bill Marolt, director of the US Ski Team.Marolt has been involved with ski racing for 35 years. Her three sons, Bill, Bud and Max, were all ski racers, and now a grandson, Ted Marolt (Bud’s son), is a racer on the pro circuit. Bud Marolt foreran the 1950 FIS, was National Downhill Junior Champion, and was a member os the 1952 National Team.Max Marolt was also a member of the National Team; he skied in the FIS in 1954 and in the 1960 Olympics at Squaw Valley.Bill Marolt was winner of the National Team and skied in the 1962 FIS in Chamonix and in the 1964 Olympics in Innsbruck.

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