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2005: An Aspen Times scrapbook

With the Hotel Jerome as a backdrop, a time exposure captures the lights of cars and trucks streaking through the intersection of Mill and Main Tuesday night, Feb 15, 2005 as a light snow falls. Aspen Times photo/Mark Fox.

Pity the newspaper photographer.

He’s chronically underpaid and overworked, and 90 percent of his pictures end up on the so-called cutting room floor, never making it into print. He puts more miles on his car in a week than most of us do in a couple of months, speeding from athletic contest to government meeting and then wandering aimlessly around town seeking some photogenic “everyday life.” Then, when he’s ready to head home for the day (like a certain Aspen Times photographer was this week), the police scanner crackles and he’s off to a car wreck.

Only to return and have the editor ask, “So this is all you got?”

Still, photographs are central to any newspaper. Photos compel readers to fetch the paper from the rack, or pull readers into certain stories. More broadly, pictures can start political movements or set the tone for an entire decade. Think of the pictures of fleeing villagers in the Vietnam War, oil-soaked seabirds in Alaska, or the raising of the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima.

Our goals at The Aspen Times are perhaps more modest, but we’re still proud of the work our photographers do. Here are some of our favorite photographs from 2005 ” some from the cutting room floor (actually there’s no such thing in our shop because we’re digital), and some you may recognize from the newspaper.

Enjoy, and next time you bump into a news photographer (no, they’re not paparazzi!), consider committing a random act of kindness. If they can pause to think, they’ll appreciate it.

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