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1A is a ‘win-win-win’

Dear Editor:

It is time to flip the switch on high energy bills by voting yes on Pitkin County mail-in ballot question 1A.

Passing the Energy Smart Local Improvement District will allow property owners who choose to participate in the voluntary program to borrow funds at long-term, favorable fixed interest rates to make energy- and money-saving improvements to their properties.

The Energy Smart Loan program is a game changer: It gives property owners the chance to make efficiency upgrades immediately, and use the monthly savings on their utility bills to help pay for the construction cost over a long enough time-frame to have the investment make financial sense.

Instead of maintaining the status quo and spending your monthly energy dollars just heating and powering an older inefficient home, money saved from reduced energy bills can help pay for lasting property improvements.

For those worried about climate change, this is a great tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. For others it is an affordable way to fix cold, drafty homes and tame soaring energy bills. As a community struggling with the recession, the Smart Energy Local Improvement District is a way to help put many in the construction trades back to work, installing highly efficient windows, insulation, boilers, lighting, solar power and other energy-saving and renewable-energy systems.

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A yes vote on 1A is a win-win-win. With no new taxes involved, this voluntary program is a major step toward local energy independence. For more information please check out the website http://www.voteyes1a.org and feel free to call me at 925-5366 to help the Energy Smart campaign get the good word out to the voters this fall.

Rachel E. Richards


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