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1A a ‘tremendous’ opportunity

Dear Editor:

Most Pitkin County residents probably know about Referendum 1A, the Energy Smart Loan Program. They know that 1A would create greener communities while stimulating the local economy by providing low-interest loans to help property owners make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to their homes and businesses. They understand that those improvements would create jobs, while reducing energy costs and curbing carbon emissions. And hopefully people know the Energy Smart program would do all these good things without raising taxes.

1A also offers a tremendous opportunity to provide regional and statewide leadership on sustainable energy goals; to raise the bar on combating climate change and speed our transition to a clean energy economy. Other communities are watching and they need your leadership. So bring in 1A with a landslide of public support. Take the time to vote yes and tell your friends to do the same.

Clark Anderson

Sonoran Institute

Western Colorado Legacy Director

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