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1978: Sale of Snowmass final on Monday

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society. Sale of Snowmass final on MondayThe $7 million purchase of Snowmass land, temporarily stalled by water negotiation, was completed on Monday.Snowmass Land Co Ltd, a limited partnership headed by James W Light, bought the assets of Snowmass Corp, a subsidiary of Amcord Inc of Newport Beach, Calif.The purchase involved some 2,900 acres of undeveloped land. It did not include the ski facilities which are run by the Aspen Skiing Corp or the developed land.Development at Snowmass will continue under the general submission master plan approved by Pitkin County commissioners, Light said.”Our goal,” Chaffin said, “is for all operations, including sports, food and beverage and commercial activities to gain the same reputation for excellence that the Snowmass skiing experience has attained.”The new company owns raw land, the Snowmass Real Estate Co, the 18-hole golf course, a restaurant and lounge and ranch that features weekly rodeos during summer.Chaffin said more programs will be geared for Snowmass residents, including golf and tennis. “We’re studying the feasibility of creating a club which will serve skiers as well as golfers and tennis players,” he added. (May 4)Sal A Mander announces for GovernorListen, all you folks out there.Sal A Mander, that laid back lizard in the Sal A Mander comic strip, has announced he is going to run for Governor of Colorado.Now in the last election, the time Sal ran for Mayor of Aspen, he couldn’t get on the ballot because he wasn’t a real person.”Discrimination against lizards,” says Sal. And he’s seen to it that this won’t be a problem again.For Chris Cassatt, Sal’s creator, has legally changed his name to Sal A Mander.Now Sal or Chris, or whoever he is, is campaigning in earnest.Asked this week in an interview why he was running for Governor, Sal replied, “Why do people climb mountains or take drugs? Because it’s there.”He tried to look honest. “Actually it’s so all my friends can have a classy place to stay when they are in Denver.””I plan to campaign in Boulder, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs, maybe Telluride. I’m after the crazy vote. I’m only interested in voters with a sense of humor.”When asked what his campaign issues will be, Sal answered, “I’m not answering any straight questions.”But I will tell you that the one stand I plan to take is … equal rights for all living things.”The turkeys have been running this state long enough. It’s time for the lizard.” (June 15)Plane crashes at Sardy Field ThursdayA twin engine private plane crashed at Sardy Field Thursday afternoon, miraculously resulting in minor injuries to the passengers, but totalling the plane and revealing the inadequacy of Aspen airport’s crash truck, according to Bill McCrocklin of the Public Safety Committee.The crash truck failed to function, McCrocklin said. It couldn’t spray the foam. “The truck just didn’t work,” he added.Apparently airport officials have been asking the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for funds to purchase a new truck, but through bureaucratic backlog and red tape, funds have not been forthcoming. “We are no longer arguing with the FAA,” McCrocklin said. The point was made last Thursday when the truck failed to operate. (Aug. 10)

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