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1973: Lift ticket prices hit $10

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society. 1973: Lift ticket prices hit $10Daily lift and ski school rates at Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk-Tiehack and Snowmass for the 1973-74 season were announced this week by Darcy Brown, president of the Aspen Skiing Corp.The Forest Service and the Ski Corp have agreed that a limit of 3,000 skiers a day is desirable to preserve quality skiing on Aspen Mountain. This figure was exceeded at times last winter.As is the practice with most ski areas, the Ski Corp. will offer different daily lift rates for the high and low seasons next winter. From opening day, Thanksgiving, through Dec. 14, and from March 30 through the April 14 closing date the fee will be $9, the same as last season.From Dec. 15 through March 29, the rate is $10. Three-day convenience tickets will be offered at three times the daily rate with no discount. These tickets are valid for four days after purchase.A new six-day ticket will entitle purchasers to ski all four Aspen-area mountains – the three facilities of the Aspen Skiing Corp., as well as Aspen Highlands.A recently formed joint venture of the two skiing companies called Aspen Reservations, Inc., will direct this operation. (June 14)Prisoner thought to have smuggled in hashish oilA prisoner in Pitkin County jail was re-arrested Monday, June 4, and charged with introducing contraband into jail. The case is bizarre.Serving time for shoplifting and almost due for release, the prisoner Ronald Davis has been allowed by the Sheriff’s Dept. to work out in the office area, but he left and allegedly acquired a quantity of hashish oil and a box of prophylactics while away from jail.Another prisoner reported to the sheriff that Davis smuggled the hashish oil into the jail by pouring it into prophylactics, tying them shut, and then swallowing them.The other prisoner allegedly produced evidence of the smuggling which the department has had analyzed and which was judged some of the purest hashish ever to pass through the department.Davis was strip searched thereafter, and when he removed his socks, he turned one inside out and swallowed another prophylactic thought to be filled with hashish oil, the department reports.He was taken to the Aspen Valley Hospital which refused to pump his stomach or induce vomiting.His cell and the jail was searched and more evidence was found, the department reports, which is being analyzed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.Davis was released in District Court on a $250 cash bond. (June 14)Aspen Times to limit weekly adsIn an effort to reduce the use of newsprint, now in short supply throughout the world, the Aspen Times will limit the amount of display advertising it will accept each week, Publisher William R Dunaway announced today.The self-imposed limit of 2,000 display advertising column inches per week will go into effect with the August 16 issue.At the same time, the announcement stated, the newspaper will stop giving frequency and size discounts to advertisers but will retain the same basic rate of $2.50 per column inch.Deadline for accepting display advertising or ad changes will be Tuesday at 5 PM, or when the total has reached 2,000 inches, whichever comes first.Dunaway said that he and the Times staff regretted having to limit advertising, but the procedure would permit them to keep the weekly within three sections, at least until the newsprint shortage was over.However, because some paper mills have closed down without being replaced by new facilities and the demand for paper has increased, no immediate remedy for the shortage is in view. (Aug. 9)City & county to purchase minibusesInformal decisions begin the process of forming a City-County Transportation Authority and to order small buses from Minibus Inc, made a joint city-county study session last Thursday evening, were reconfirmed by both the City Council and Board of County Commissioners during their separate regular meetings Monday.According to the recommendation, the city should purchase one and a half enclosed buses and two open 25-seat vehicles. All would conform to the antique theme created for Aspen by the design department of Minibus, Inc.It was explained that the double decker bus would hold the maximum number of passengers unloaded by the largest commercial plane serving the Aspen Airport and would be used to link the airport with the city. (Dec. 13)

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