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1949: Cooper to Build Aspen Home

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.Cooper to Build Aspen HomeMr. and Mrs. Gary Cooper announced this week that they have let a contract to Horace Hendricks for the construction of their Aspen home on the tract of land recently purchased from Mrs. Emma Bradshaw and located on the Hunter Creek road near the junction of Hunter Creek and the Roaring Fork River.They revealed that the house will be of frame construction, fully insulated, with the outside covering of wood shakes. The roof will be aluminum sheet. There will be seven rooms consisting of five bedrooms, four baths, kitchen and an 18 by 38 foot living room. A large garage will be attached with space provided for a work shop and storage.The house will be situated on a slight elevation to the north and overlooking the lake. From this point superb views can be had of Aspen Mountain and all of the ski runs, plus excellent views both up and down the valley.A paved terrace will extend from the house to near the lake’s edge, enclosed with a low retaining wall. The property, consisting of approximately 15 acres will be landscaped where needed with additional shrubs and trees that will add to the natural foliage, especially during the fall to the already rich golden aspen willow, and cottonwood leaves. (Feb. 10)No Dumping In Famed Glory HoleAspenites brought it on themselves. Yes, the Glory Hole is closed to ALL dumping. The city’s request to dump only ashes, cans and earth in the Glory Hole was disregarded by so many persons that the popular Hole is now declared a public nuisance and closed.Aspenites persisted in dumping garbage, dead animals, and decayable refuse in the hole to make a serious health hazard for people in the immediate vicinity and even in the whole townsite. Then some bright person would set fire to some paper or wood he had hauled to the dump and the whole thing would burn and smolder for days, throwing off a wonderful stench. Now, you can take your trash and garbage to the Maroon creek dump ground and be sure that you dump your trash in the space provided which is about 500 feet from the main road. DO NOT DUMP NEAR THE ROAD to make the Maroon creek drive unsightly. The maroon dump ground has also been posted to remind people to take their trash off the highway and over the little hill OUT OF SIGHT OF THE ROAD. (April 28)Curtailed Sprinkling Effective August 1stMr. C.E. Rader, local manager of the Mountain Utilities Corporation has announced the stringent rules for the use of sprinkling or irrigation water effective immediately.Rader arrived at the decision reluctantly, stating that the unrestricted use of water was endangering the service to some of the users especially those some distance from the two sources of Aspen’s water.The Aspen water supply delivers about 730 gallons per minute from Hunter Creek and 850 gallons per minute from Castle Creek. This is about ten times the water normally used by a city the size of Aspen.Rader said that the expense of operating the system and chlorination is as great as if the company had 3,000 subscribers instead of only 400. The Aspen water system has not made a profit for many years even with the higher rates granted by the Public Utilities Commission last fall. (July 21)

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