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1933: Now is the Time to Spend

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.Now is the Time to SpendThe public has grown weary of the old slogans to the effect that “Prices are booming! Buy now!” etc. But there’s truth in those phrases at present. Recent inflation activities and the prospective change in the gold backing of the dollar, will be the most powerful price stimulant in three years. It really is time to buy now!Best of all, by buying now, and building and repairing now, you can do your bit in the most dramatic stage of the war against unemployment and distress and at the same time secure the greatest return on your dollar in more than a generation. A dollar in property improvement means a dollar touching the lives of a thousand people – and doing a thousand dollars’ work. Repair the steps, paint the house, remove fire hazards, renovate the garden, renew rotting foundations with concrete – do any of these things, and you’ll be a factor in the work of recovery.It is not prophecy to say that in your lifetime you’ll never have the opportunity to get work done as cheaply as now. It’s a fact. The price structure is abnormally low. It is lower than even the intenseness of depression justifies. As demand increases, the rate of climb will be sharply accelerated.Remember that providing jobs is cheaper than charity – and that it’s better to provide a job now than to have to contribute to charity next year. Remember, too, that unless the jobs are provided it won’t be long until nothing is left for charity! (June 8)Dr. Ewing Shoots at Hollis Wood in FightSunday afternoon about 5 o’clock, in front of the Hotel Jerome, an altercation took place between Hollis Wood and Dr. Ewing, who has been employed to look after Dr. Twining’s medical practice during his absence at the legislature. As we have been informed, Hollis Wood called on Dr. Ewing to attend his wife in a confinement case. Dr. Ewing refused, presumably on account of previous ill feeling.Wood was supposed to have told the Doctor he had the money to pay for his services. It is said the Doctor still refused to go, whereupon Wood struck him. Dr. Ewing, so bystanders state, then pulled out a gun and shot at Wood. However, his aim was poor, due to the blow “on the button” and Wood wasn’t even knicked. Wood dodged around a car standing at the curb, and the Doctor, it is said, again aimed his gun at Wood, but he didn’t shoot. Further demonstration was stopped.Main street took on old color for a time. One citizen forgot his rheumatism and made to cover in nothing flat; others dropped their coats and fled like scared deer, and a hide collector from out of town jumped from his truck and crawled under while the doggone Ford shimmied in fright.Considerable feeling is being expressed in town against such practice as this, and it is our guess that the Doctor “shot his wad in this town with the shooting Sunday afternoon.” (June 15)Give the Kids a BreakSchool’s out! Thousands of children all over the country are pouring forth from the classrooms to spend their days out of doors during the summer months. It’s time for motorists to be more alert than ever – unless they are, many of these children will be injured or even killed as they traverse the streets and highways to fields and playgrounds.The schools have done a fine job training youngsters to watch out for themselves. In consequence, when the statistics of adult and child pedestrian accidents are compared, the children are shown to be better. They are more safety conscious.In spite of this good work 3,400 boys and girls between the ages of five and fourteen were killed last year and 152,550 were injured, according to the National Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters. (July 6)

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