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1927: Fifteen Drunks All In A Line

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.

Sunday night fifteen of Aspen’s high-rollers or hootch-rollers rolled out a barrel of barbed-wire hootch and proceeded to put the contents of the barrel where they thought it would do the most good. It did, all right, but the fifteen imbibed too frequently and too often, the result being that the “15” were unable to navigate successfully and with proper dignity.People out on the mesa phoned the city marshal that a man was lying dead in a snowbank – he was dead all right, dead-drunk! He was rescued and taken where he could thaw out. Another went to sleep standing up in a corner. Another was darn near dead when the officers found him lying in a snowbank and it required heroic treatment to bring him back into the land of the living. And so went the whole bunch, but owing to the similarity of their predicaments we will not go into further detail. Suffice it to say that each one of the fifteen was riproaring and crazy drunk on rotten booze and it is a wonder some of them did not pass out for good.But where did they get the barrel? (Feb. 4)

Well, well! Here it is the 25th day of February and everybody is talking election. “We are going to have one” is what they are saying. Let us hope they make good!The present members of the City Council from the Mayor down, are certainly deserving of a rest. They have served the city for the past ten years, faithfully and well, and they are deserving of being released from their duties and they are also deserving of a vote of thanks from our people for refunding the bonded debt at a less rate of interest and also for reducing the debt several thousands of dollars; and for an economical administration of the city government.But it is the year for an election and we should have one without fail. New brooms sweep clean and new brooms should be inducted into office and given a chance to sweep clean!So, on with the election and let the kicking be unconfined!Any time between the 5th and 21st of March tickets can be put in the field by holding mass conventions for the purpose of nominating the candidates. (Feb. 25)

Did you see the “Ghost” writeup in the Denver Post with David R. C. Brown’s picture attached thereto?The picture was real good of Dave when he was younger – but Mr. Albert B. Hayes, the writer of the article, is sure balmy in the bean and doesn’t know the first thing that he writes about. He calls Aspen a Ghost City, says that we “uster” have 30,000 souls but now Aspen is a haswasser!Say, Albert, old boy, come on up to Aspen as the guest of The Times and we’ll show you the liveliest little old ghost you ever clapped your eyes on.A ghost city-With the first hydro-electric power plant in the world and it is yet one of the best in the world.A ghost city-With a water works and electric lighting system that cannot be excelled anywhere.A ghost city-With the longest and richest mineral belt in the state, and the largest silver mines.A ghost city-That is shipping from 100 to 500 cars of ore each month.A ghost city-With all the modern conveniences of any city and inhabited by 2,000 of the best people on earth. (March 11)

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