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1926: Dance with the commissioners

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.Welcome! Dance with the County Commissioners TonightJune 21 – The county commissioners of state highway district No. 2 are meeting in Aspen today. This morning they went into session in the district court room and the official program was “pulled off’ to the satisfaction of all present and perfect harmony prevailed…. That’s all the fellers we know out of the “herd of commissioners who are here in annual session. All of ’em look like live wires and solid citizens and they surely are or they wouldn’t be holding down the jobs they have. This afternoon the business session will be concluded and then it will be fun galore.First comes the banquet at the Hotel Jerome in honor of the visiting dignitaries and all our citizens, everybody is cordially invited to attend this banquet and enjoy the eats with the visitors. The small fee of $1.25 per plate will be charged to the home folks and there’ll be $2 worth of eats on each plate.Let all our people turn out tonight and show the visiting dignitaries how nice us Aspen folks are. Ahem! Be there.Follow these Rules and reduce accidentsJune 23 – Chief Engineer L. D. Blauveit of the Colorado State Highway Commission has approved the following rules for safe driving on the state highway system:Keep car under control at all times and be prepared to stop within one-half of the sight distance ahead.Keep brakes in good repair at all times and especially when driving in the mountains.Do not drive from a side road or private driveway into a boulevard or arterial highway, such as the state road without stopping and looking both ways. Do not race on the highway; the unexpected is likely to happen.Do not be a road hog; stay on your side at all times.When turning corners or driving around sharp curves keep to the right side of the highway and use the horn freely.Keep to the right side of the road when driving and do not pass vehicles going in the same direction on curves or on the summit of hills.See that your headlights are focused upon the road ahead and not up in the air. Do not use excessively bright lights. Keep both headlights burning at night. Insist upon horsedrawn vehicles carrying lights.For the love of Michael open Independence!July 2 – “For the love of Mike get Independence Pass opened so we can go over!”This was what Blaine Bray said this morning to a representative of the Daily Times.Continuing Mr. Bray said:”Yesterday I came over Tennessee pass and struck a mud-hole half a mile long a short distance from the summit, down on the flat where the steam shovel is working, and when I struck that mud-hole down I went clear to the chasis.”I had to get one of the teams and a driver to pull me through and for the entire half mile my car was pulled through with its chasis sliding on the mud. It was awful, that’s all.”After I had been pulled through the mud, there were twenty-seven cars behind me waiting their turn to be pulled through the half-mile stretch of road. The road building gang put three teams on the job and I guess that all the cars got through all right, but I didn’t wait to see. Why, the Independence Pass road wasn’t patching to the Tennessee Pass road, when we had to motor over the old trail.”And there you are!Our county commissioners should make some arrangements to keep the Independence Pass highway cleared for traffic from now on throughout the summer.

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