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1912: Aspen Track Team at Boulder Meet

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.Word from the Democrat-Times special representative, who with Prof. Adams and Prof. McDonald and a number of the high school boys are attending the state track and field meet at Boulder today, is to the effect that Will Shaw, sophomore, won fourth place in the discus throw finals. Forty-two men, representing practically all high schools in the state, were entered in this contest. This morning Harold Opie qualified in the 100-yard dash, the 120-yard hurdle, and the 220-yard hurdle.George Paxton qualified in the pole vault.Ray Epperson qualified in the 440-yard dash.Opie, Paxton and Epperson will all have a chance to enter the real contest this afternoon and see what they can do toward winning a cup for Aspen.The meet is the most successful of its kind held in Boulder and the weather could not be better. A huge crowd is in attendance. The Aspen contestants are well and in great shape for the finals. (May 18)Aspen Must Get Rid of Her Measley KnockersJust before R. H. Munn left Aspen yesterday afternoon for his home in Denver, he dropped into this office to extend congratulations for our boosting proclivities and said that our endeavors were propitious. Mr. Munn is the ex-superintendent of the Star mine and a young mining man of extensive experience both in this country and old Mexico. He is enthusiastic over the mining opportunities to be seen on every hand in Aspen and said it would afford him much pleasure to return to Aspen later and make a thorough investigation for capital which he is in a position to interest in and about Aspen.”But,” said Mr. Munn, “what would be the use in my bringing men with money to Aspen? During my few days’ stay here I have discovered that any mining venture here would meet with considerable local opposition, and your knockers would knock any enterprise in the head no matter how great such an enterprise might be. It would be necessary to keep all prospective investors tied up in their rooms and only permit their walking the streets when accompanied by real boosters and, even then, I fear some knocker would shout some remark that would cause the probable investor to leave the town on the next train.”Aspen is all right,” continued Mr. Munn; “but I repeat that you must stop this local opposition if you would make Aspen what she should be – a thriving mining camp and tourist resort.”These remarks by Mr. Munn will cause a shudder of shame to wave up the backbone of all true boosters for Aspen. And, undoubtedly, will tickle the risibles of the knockers.The Democrat-Times regrets very much that a new-comer like Mr. Munn should form such an opinion of some of our people and it is hard to believe that we have such measly, unhuman, and devilish characters as cited by Mr. Munn. No; we can’t believe it, and yet we have heard such statements made before by prospective visiting investors. If we have them, let-ROUS MIT ‘EM! (May 23)

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