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1903: Baseball

Baseball has been a big part of Aspen's summer scene throughout the decades. Here the Aspen Roundhouse Sluggers baseball team poses in front of a steam engine in 1910. (Courtesy Aspen Historical Society)

In celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Aspen Times, we are printing a story or two from each year the newspaper has existed – 125 historical selections in 125 days. This series is in conjunction with the Aspen Historical Society.Baseball GameSunday afternoon at 2 o’clock the students of Columbia University will assemble at the baseball park at the driving track to cheer a picked nine of their members in a game of baseball with the Aspen Colts. The game is a most interesting one and the attendance will doubtless be large.

The Colts have been keeping in training and the boys from New York are hard at work also. A spectator stated to the reporter last evening that some of the college boys were hard hitters and he looked for a good game and a close score. Last night the college boys were out at the park practicing for the game and getting their muscles limbered up. The park will be given up to them tonight for exclusive practice.The Colts expect to have a tough proposition before they wrest victory from the hands of the students. Everybody who enjoys good ball should be on hand. It is understood that no admission fee will be charged and everyone in the city is invited to come and see the game.The Judge’s MishapJudge Scanlan says he will never lead another horse. When he says it he rubs his shins and ruefully contemplate the remains of his bicycle. The reason for his decision leads to a story.

On Monday A.S. Thompson brought a three-year-old colt up from the valley and turned him over to the judge. Scanlan was to take him on up to Ashcroft to a party there. The animal was tied in the yard but during the night he became alarmed and concluded to go home. His tracks were found and they headed down the valley. The police magistrate started in hot pursuit on his bicycle. He found the horse several miles down the river and started back with him. The colt had been broken to lead nicely and as all had went so well, the upholder of the peace of the city decided it would be just as easy to tie the rope to the machine. No sooner thought of than done and he securely tied the rope about his bicycle handle.They went along as calmly as a summer day until they began the descent of Slaughter House Hill. Half way down a number of horses passed them on the run and again the colt made up his mind to join his comrades. He did a a flying switch and passed Judge Scanlan as though he was standing still. Before that worthy had time to apply the air-brakes the equine reached the front.There was a sudden acceleration of speed and then Judge Scanlan took the count. It is stated that an interested farmer helped him unwrap his legs from around his neck and remove his watch from his left shoe.

As he rose and brushed the small stones from his face, he saw the colt making at least 2:10 down the hill, the bike hitting his heels and scarring him worse and worse. He limped down the hill, picked up one half wheel and a portion of the handlebars on the way. The colt went through the town as though the marshal was after him and disappeared. Yesterday morning he was found grazing peacefully by the roadside. The rope was still on him and at the end was a small piece of leather.Judge Scanlan contemplates borrowing the wheel of the man who laughed so heartily, tying it to the rope and heading the colt up toward Ashcroft. He thinks that would be the quickest and safest way of delivering the beast there. He is still nursing the stone bruises on his nose.

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