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1880s Christmas Shopping in Aspen

Aspen Historical Society
One 3.5" x 7" stereoscope card, with two 3" x 3" b/w photographs of Mill Street, looking toward the Wheeler Opera House. In the foreground are several children with a donkey.

“Night before Christmas: How the eve was observed,” noted the Aspen Daily Chronicle on December 25, 1888. “There were a great many people on the streets last evening, many having come down from the mountains to buy Christmas presents, and the moving jostling throng on Cooper and Hyman avenues, Mill and Galena streets were all in a hurry, bustling in and out of the various stores that had been advertising their bargains in The Chronicle. The sale of jewelry, fancy goods and toys was reported to be unprecedented in Aspen by the merchants, and the proprietors and clerks in all the stores were kept busy all day waiting upon the anxious throng. Nearly every man, woman and child on the streets had a bundle under the arm, and in many instances two or three. The express wagons had more orders than they could fill in delivering goods. Ladies got money from their husbands in the morning and bought presents for the whole family including ‘hubby,’ himself, sometimes.” This image shows Mill Street, looking toward the Wheeler Opera House in the late 1880s.


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