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$1 million for what?

Dear Editor:

As I read the newspapers every day, I am becoming increasingly dismayed by our new City Council’s continued assault on our community.

Our new mayor and council, in office for barely four months, have stated that Aspen should be a community first and a resort second. If that is truly the case, then it is unclear who the “community” is.

Is it the “community” whose private property is going to be examined and evaluated by the city before the owner has the right to make any changes to it?

Or is it the “community” who lives and works in Aspen and who wants to drive into town to work, shop or dine, who can’t park anywhere near their destination without punitive parking rules and costs?

It appears that the whole reason for the increase in location and cost of paid parking is to support the parking department. More paid parking brings in more money for the parking department ” is that the “community” we’re protecting?

The parking department has stated that they will need to hire two more people (at $45,000 per person) to police this new plan. Where will these people live and more importantly, park?

Aspen’s parking system penalizes our year-round local population. It is anti-tourist, anti-local and unwelcoming, and leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. It makes no sense to spend nearly $1 million for this effort to increase paid parking. A MILLION dollars, folks!

One has to ask ” how long will the citizens of Aspen put up with this City Council’s attempt to control and engineer every aspect of our community?

Betsy Furth



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