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story by Lauren Glendenning photos by Jeremy Wallace
The details: 501 E. Hyman Ave. (inside the Ute Building), 970-710-7063, jusaspen.com Prices: 16-ounce juices, $9 to $12; wheat grass shots, $5; rose water, $8; sandwiches and salads, $11 to $15; breakfast, $5 to $14. Ambience: Juice bar with a walk-up order counter, plus grab-and-go items. Signature dishes: Fresh juices; turkey sandwich with brie, cranberry and arugula; smoked salmon bagel; breakfast burritos; wheat grass; rose water; protein truffles. Not to Miss: Creative, freshly pressed juices made from the heart; Unique finds like rose  water and charcoal lemonade.

The juice bar trend has finally caught on in Aspen, but Jus Aspen’s owners are motivated by something far more significant than a trend.

At Jus Aspen, the level of passion and thought that goes into every creation is from the heart because co-owners Landon Goldstone and Tamara Petit — who are brother and sister — got into juicing over a life-or-death medical condition. Goldstone nearly died — twice — and his sister devoted her time to discovering ways to improve his overall nutrition and ultimately save his life. Her research led her to juicing.

When that’s the driver behind creating healthy juices, it’s no wonder the people of Aspen have responded with loyalty and enthusiasm. The stream of customers coming into the hard-to-find storefront is constant, and when you taste their juices, as well as their breakfast and lunch offerings, the authenticity is apparent.

The things that sound unusual, such as the charcoal lemonade or beef broth served in a juice bottle, aren’t gimmicks — they’re purposeful concoctions meant to elevate nutrition and health.

Goldstone and Petit inspect every bit of produce to make sure there’s no mold. They triple-wash everything in ice water to get it cold and crisp, ensuring the nutrients and active enzymes remain alive, then grind and press the fruits and veggies with 10,000 pounds of pressure.

They’re even working with a team of nutritionists from Denver to come up with the healthiest and most nutritionally beneficial recipes possible. So while Jus Aspen isn’t a health store per se, many of the juices sold here have as many health benefits as anything you could find in a pharmacy or traditional health store, Goldstone says.

Back to that charcoal lemonade, for example, made from coconut husk — the fine fiber you find after you break open the coconut becomes activated once burned, making a charcoal powder that clings to the toxins in your body, Goldstone says. He highly recommends it for hangovers.

“Sundays this summer became ‘charcoal lemonade day’ because of Saturday night’s debauchery in Aspen,” he says.

Another seemingly miracle product is the rose water made in-house. One man over the summer started buying his wife two bottles per day because he swore it made the woman’s sweat smell like roses. The woman’s tennis partners agreed, Goldstone says.

Or for those simply looking for a bottle packed with a day’s serving of fruits and vegetables, there’s plenty of options — carrot juice, ginger and greens, the ‘road runner’ featuring almonds, espresso, wildflower honey and sea salt, or beef broth packed with protein and veggies. Fruit juices are even creative, such as the “mojito” with mint, pineapple, apple and lemon.

For those who don’t want to drink their meals or would like a little more substance with their juices, the breakfast menu offers things like yogurt parfaits, burritos and smoked salmon bagels, while lunchtime selections include a variety of sandwiches and salads. top: A variety of freshly pressed juices including the green “mojito,” left, the “Bugs Bunny,” a carrot juice, and “Charcoal Lemonade,” right. middle: Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese, caper relish and red onion marmalade served on a bagel. bottom: Arugula salad with fresh goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette.